How to hack Open Graph Facebook

Facebook Introduce the new Graph Appi Shortly a bit more detailed and her some hints how you can use them as a non Developer . The Graph Appi is manly for App Developers but very usefull information can be shown even for a Standard Facebook User .

What is Opengraph ? It shows you Data from FAcebook in a metatext format without any visual html stuff around .Opngraph will show all data that is public available or with authetication what is visible to you in facebook to. The main benefit its much faster than browsing by hand page over page .





Terminologie :

OBJECTS: They call all DAta about User Pages, Events ect

OAUTH : A new authenikation system that si simpler and saver also used by Twitter

Opengraph Searches you could find intersting :

Help for Opengraph Objects

What kind of objects you can ask for returns all parameters you can add. /?metadata=1 /?metadata=1 /?metadata=1



Here are the specific types of searches that can be done:

Search User News Feed
for that you need a extra authorization called a [ active access token ]
If the person is your friend you will mostly get it here
Expand the Search Result
will give only some limited result about 20 results if you want more add following string at the end.
will give 500 result and skip the 50 first
How to search Interest Facebook wiki Pages ?
Lets say we searching for Fans that like schnitzel and life in Vienna and are female with a Age 30 to 45 . Is that possible ?

How to show the Data more usefull take a look at Yahoo Pipes a simple interface that helps to visualize Data as you need it

Her the Basics from the Facebook developers Page Open Graph


More graph requests that need access token:

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