Blog meta Influencer widget

About the Meta Influencer widget on this blog, it shows the recent Twitter sorted by influence about the Blog topic you posted. It should help to connect NOW to people who are online and interested or talking about your Theme you just wrote.Some call it Influencer Marketing we just use to reduce the time to search and find the right people to connect on twitter.

Connect your Blog to a curated Content APIs for dynamically generated Influencer count

What is does

It Answers the question Who is Interested in my blog post right now and has some impact. Tweets in my language or is near me. No need to use third party Services to get your personal Influencer for your blog, less research on Influencer Databases, super fresh insights and helps to optimize blog content.

How it Woks

It takes the first Tag from your blog post and start a search on twitter and rank them by interaction – from their timeline filter them by language and region. Not how many followers they have is the core important the action impact they make RTs & Likes. This way we get real People with the real reader auto post Tools are filtered out.

Metablog Influencer WordPress Plugin Features

  • 100% Responsive
  • Shortcode
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE10
  • Available as a widget and shortcode.
  • Shows Media Photo Content of the tweet on hover
  • Filters out all automated & scheduled non-human posts
  • Options Filter by Recent, Mixed or Popular Tweets
  • Search Box to User can Search for his own topics
  • Option Switch to sort the Tweeps by Follower count
  • Optional Extends the Search Results if no Content is found
  • Set the Update time to fetch new Tweets
  • Works with the Twitter Meta Trending Topics widget.
  • Works with own API Key
  • Extreme light weight, in latest App technology AngularJS
  • Influencer API access *
  • Cross network compatible*
Free Bronze Silver Gold* Platin*
 Signals  100  5.00  1.000  2.000  3.000
 Accounts  1  2  3  4  unlimited
Group Activity OK OK OK OK OK
Competitor Analysis OK OK OK OK OK
Topic Analysis OK OK OK OK OK
Engagement OK OK OK OK OK
 Influencer Profiles  0  0  100  500  1000
Upgraded account
Top Fanpage Fan NO NO OK OK OK
Content Recommendations NO NO NO NO OK