Gmail Advanced search operator

As most of connection you will get on Facebook relate to real connections from your email Adresbook .Here some help to use your gmail search rutines to find some conversation or contacts you stored on a gmail account . As when you setup your gmail account with a Imap you will find many old contacts..

How to get of the Facebook event spam

Event Spam on Facebook could realy be anoing some Party Party peopel send out about every day a event invite to you ,after a time you start to igonore all Events on facebook and the one from your friends you would like to attend you dont see anymore .Here some hints how to prevent your box get full of these Event spammer mails .

How to set your Facebook Fanpage to Twitter

Wenn Sie Administrator einer Facebook-Page (Fan-Seite) sind, können Sie ihre Updates auch auf  Twitter weiterleiten indem Sie Ihre Facebook Fanpage mit Ihrem Twitter-Updates verbinden , so sind Sie in der Lage, mit nur einem update gleich zwei Vögel auf einmal freizugeben. Sie können selber entscheiden  über die Updates Sie freigeben möchten: Status-Updates, Links, Notizen, Fotos,..

Cyberpunk Viral Philips

Philips Cyberpunk Viral is on of a series of viral commercials they launched shortly on online platforms .
The Film and commercial industry get serious about making different kind of movies for the online market .
Last year 2009 the carousel was one of the famous viral spots that get boosted
The Carousel Philps HQ 21:9
the making..

How to totally destroy a Iphone Ipad in a minute

Will it Blend one of the most cost effective viral campaigns seen on youtube .Over 4,5 Million views just on these one video that sometimes it only counts a unik idea to get spread over the social media channels. Most company’s with there marketing departments take to much care about there brand than what it..

Pixel world Invasion

Thes great video  showcase all the old pixel games and how a scifi would look like with that pixel tech monsters invading our wold

Google Social Search

Finally it get useful for the heavy social Networker ,with the new active Social search google gives you results what your friends are writing about your search topic. Invented in google labs end of 2009 it got now public .
Activatet Googl buzz with all your social networks like twitter Flick Facebook youtube friendsfeed will show..