The Twitter Hack

Most Twitter user read the Story about Techchruch and the Twitter Documents get publish . Croll Hacker is the Name who  gained acces to differnt mail boxes of employess

twitter like Evan Williams and his wife . That allow him acces to a bunch of info . He get acces to accounts Paypal Amazon..

Apartment 2.0 find a new home with Facebook

The find simple new Apartment in any city by asking friends on a Social platfrom is quite simple.
Most people search ones or some more often for a apartment in a other city of move together and need a bigger nicer apartment. Here it starts the problem many website over services ,endless crawling over various sites..

The High 5 for Social networks

Probably you get the same Facebook massage sometimes from contacts in your status update .
Some of your friends are private ones other are professional contact for future or just for sharing and inspiration.
The High 5 for Social networks
Here i want to give some little help to people who want to use Facebook and Social Networks..