10 WordPress Calendar Plugins when time is counting

time-pickerMany flexible Calendar Plugins for WordPress offer CMS like functions or even can be used for content management on your Facebook Pages or scheduling Tweets. Here a short overview on our preferred Calendar Plugins for WordPress.

Most importent for Content is that it get published when your reader are online and when the topic is hot that guaranty you the desired reader. Timing is not simple in every culture region and even job Branche we have different life timing. Try to find your target audience with different tools available for Twitter or just Google “Best time to Tweet”. You can run a deep analyze of your fanpage to extract the best interaction times that will give you a feeling when your audience is ready to read something on your blog or even better to share and recommend it to there friends and follower. Huge Twitter Celebs like ….. use rescheduling there blogpost to get in front of there readers. With these post i try to figure out some functions and additional ideas to improve Calendar and timing for content . Dont forget most of these WP Plugins are free and developer invest a lot of time to develop them. these post will be updated … 

What should a good WordPress Calendar do for you  #Wishlist 

  • Add additional themplates multiple view Forms 
  • Style modes for area for User.Css
  • subscribe  from iCal (OSX) and Google Calendar
  • Adding Postcard picture for the Event 
  • Facebook Push Event creation
  • Facebook Event import 

 Events Calendar :

One of the more advanced Calendar with some interesting setups to handle your events .Was my first hand chose, widget ready . 

The ability to add a large public calendar is available by posting a page and adding to the page contentminus. The Css need some work as it will not fit into a modern WordPress style sheet . Missing Thems and interchangeable views . 

Events with ical files

Different sizes and forms to display Calendar Week month day view by list or huge wall Calendar  can import Ical event  files form your google Calendar or Mac Calendar .Thats a huge advantage as soon you setup the calendar you can manage the events external . Some nice hover evects and most important you can define external css file . 

Backend dont locks that nice but funktional.

Google Calendar Events

If you already a user of google Calendar there is a work path for the more advanced. parsing the events into a nice full page Calendar ,one of the optical most attractive Calendar plugins. Ajax driven .

  1. Displays events as a list or within a calendar grid

  2. Events from multiple Google Calendar feeds can be shown in a single list / grid

  3. Lists and grids can be displayed in posts, pages or within a widget

  4. Options to change the number of events retrieved, date / time format, cache duration etc.

  5. Options to change the information displayed (start time, location, description etc.).

  6. Calendar grids can have the ability to change the month displayed, utilising AJAX

  7. Parses Google Calendar feeds to extract events


Eventbrite for The Events Calendar

Webservice Calendar with ticket sell options and google Map integration interesting MU WordPress compatible 

Missing ICAL Sync ? 

  • Sell tickets directly from your post

  • Extensive template tags for customization

  • MU Compatible

  • Many of the amazing features of Eventbrite – directly from WordPress

  • Use shortcode to place any event ticketing on any post

Kino Events Calendar

Some interesting Calendar for all filmmaker how what to share ther film release and Festival dates to there Fans ,work only for WordPress 3 and above.


Event Registration

Massiv backend with full ticketing support paypall or others you can choose who many attende could join and manage contacts too. Front end needs customisation . For more details take a look at the Event Registration webpage 

 Booking Calendar Events Manager


Event Espresso LiteEvent Registration and Management

  • uses the PayPal IPN to record payments to a database

  • participants can  register in advance

  • $ Pay for Premium support and  get access to more features and payment options for your events.


Other Calendar Widgets and Plugins ,

Events Manager with Google maps support on location


 Post Republish 

Not a calendar but with some functions like a calendar These plugin republish old posts. The developer redesign the plugin now named Tweetily you can setup loops from every 30min up to every 5 hour for example.You will get tweets for your blog post on different times of the day. Dont over use it if you dont want too look bad by super promoting yourself.


Stout Google Calendar  , 

For Developer:

The JQuery Datepicker Calendar UI  is beautiful and quite simple to integrate,  its a really smooth Interface for the admins and user When ever you have to enter many dates or times. One nice design example the Jquery time picker   

Thank you for reading do you know more calendar solutions ? Still open is a timezone style calendar to see night and daytimes of different regions.