Love any google map api stuff its so much place for creativity .My privat memo next…

Love any google map api stuff its so much place for creativity .My privat memo next project is a map meshup. did you know that you can not only tag photos and video or planes on a map even a story or blogpost could get a location and its quite easy and get more relevant . some experiments running on the blog just time is still soo limited. Pleas donate time

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In addition to the tens of millions of people who use Google Maps everyday, many people interact with Google Maps through great applications that use our Google Maps APIs. Every so often we’ll spotlight one of these web or mobile apps that catches our eye and we think you’d like to try.

This week’s spotlight is a double-header: Planefinder and Historypin.

Planefinder ( lets you follow and learn more about flights from around the world as they move through the map in real-time. Historypin ( gives you a glimpse at the past through shared photos attached to specific times and places.

Check both of them out!

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Danke für den Tipp, Amir. Von Historypin gibt's auch eine sehr gute iPhone App – das Konzept bietet gerade für den Tourismus noch viel Spannendes!
Das schaut dann z.B. so aus:

Hotel Palace, Portoroz, 1890 – 1910
Tartini market, Piran, 1890 – 1910
Piran, Salinas, 1900 – 1920