How to Write Bold on Facebook

Probably there been some tweeks around but non of them work anymore as they get pached. Here i want to show a legitimate way to use Bold Linked words for any Facebook User with a own WordPress blog or webpage. woks on Pages and profiles. Same like on Google+  when you need to write some words in bold  and more …

Probably everybody know how to tag a Page and Person same as in Google
by mention the Page or Person with @ .

To build that relation  = Objects = Link in Facebook we go and generate them on the Blog Side. With a short text only and the in the Titel the Word Tag that we want to use more often wen posting in Facebook.

Best case would be that you look at your posts or Blog topic what Tags you use and what words are  important for you. Start with a view only 3-5 to see how it works. 

What Words Tags to use ?
If you chose general or very public words like in these example  test with common social media words like Facebook Google Plus and Pinterest Facebook will fail to offer your word by auto suggestion as there are many 100tausend other with the same or similar name. Autosuggestion is limited to 3-5 suggestions. But you kann get around that limit by type it in manualy -> more complicate  
In these format 


(remove the quotes, the second words can be random just a bit SEO sugar)

Short introduction Facebook generate for every singel post that get likes / shared a virtual Page only visible to the admin that page redirect every other  user to your post on the blog.

How to prepare your WordPress Blog 
In general if Liking and Sharing works you are half the way ready.
FB needs in the header some metatags to know what is your page about most WP FB Plugin make that automatically take a look at the source and search for fb:app_id and fb:admins or put it manually in the header.php of your blog. You can do that even in the Admin backend of your self hosted Wordpress Blog. The so Called og metadata scheme is not only important to FB it gets also read by Mother Google Search engines. 

Keep the Blog clean we dont want a cluttered blog with singel words as titel so categorise them in a category and hide them from the front blog page. There is a WP Plugin for that .

Dont forget that every post must contain a featured image or post image to work well on FB. The post need at least one like, to get the thumb pushed to the facebook cache you need one share. Since we are not looking to collect likes you simply can like your link and remove it from the timeline afterwords.

Now the Honeypot part every Bold Facebook word now links to your Blog, How many of your Friends even know that you have a blog if you not over kill them with blogpost on your privat profile. Last but not least Google love that kind of links too. Only it should be a public post .

Only for the Pros 
Instead of linking to the singel post you can redirect them to the WP Tag list

Thats all now you just need some interesting post with your favorite words as usual overuse feels spamy for your friends simple use is additional info like on G+  you used to add several links to your posts.

Hope these little hint is useful for some … 

Cooking Time : 1h
Prep: 30 mins
Difficulty: Medium
Serves   : 6 words