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Connect to Google products and services by adding these Google Community Managers to a circle:

Lots of information & updates on their profiles but of course also posts about their life and interests.

+Brian Rose  CM for Google+ Photos and Google+ Events
+Dori Storbeck  CM for Hangouts/Chat
+Jade Wang  CM for Google+ Local
+Erik Silk  CM for Google News
+Katherine Gramann  CM for Calendar
+Paul Wilcox  CM for Mobile
+Tina Patel  CM for Google Play
+Jacky Hayward  CM for Chrome
+Melissa Daniels  CM for Chrome OS
+Gerard Sanz  CM for Panoramio
+Nicole Drobeck  CM for 3D 
+Teresa Wu  CM for Drive
+Lisa Ding  CM for Blogger
+Sarah Price  CM for Gmail
+Daniel Mabasa  CM for Maps
+Meera V  CM for Apps
+Kevin Lau  CM for Google TV
+Matt Bariletti  CM for Google Voice
+Jessica Schwartz  & +Kousha Navidar  – CMs for Web Search

And the lovely lady who is behind this information:
+Natalie Villalobos  CM for Google+


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Amir Esmann
8 years ago

Ein Music Portal wird vor allem von Filmleuten verwendet ist zum Teil CC license , schau es dir mal an . 

Amir Esmann
8 years ago

Das hoffe ich doch +Jakob 'Addliss' Dörre und wenn du Sie abwerben tust für dein next start up .
Lausche gerade deinen Waves hast du ein Jamendo profil ? 

Jakob 'Addliss' Dörre

Was ist Jamendo? Bisher nicht, ich schaue gleich mal nach. 😉

Jakob 'Addliss' Dörre

Thanks! I circled them, let's see if it's helpful for me. 🙂