Frankensteins Fish

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BEWARE FRANKENFISH: Do you enjoy eating healthy, grilled salmon? Well, if the FDA doesn't take more precaution, you may be getting more than just your omega-3s. The FDA is considering approving the first-ever genetically engineered salmon–cleverly marketed by the company AquaBounty as "AquaAdvantage Salmon"–for human consumption in the US. The frankenfish is genetically modified to grow twice as fast as wild salmon.

Earthjustice and our partners have already filed a petition asking the FDA to delay any action until it does a thorough environmental assessment of the risks. Not only do we not know its health impacts on humans, but if these fish ever get out into the natural environment, they could contaminate wild salmon stock or out-compete them altogether by growing so unnaturally fast. In other words, you can't just ignore this problem by buying wild salmon because they could be at risk too!

You can hear more about this case by listening to one of our lead attorneys on our podcast, EJ90: or check out our press release: 

I'm guessing the won't require them to label it either.