3d News Studio 

World News  with 3D technology  tanks entering and exiting the studio
For the first time in the world used by a News Channel
don’t know if i like that kind of infotainment but it’s definitely  entraining

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Google  Backpacking Burj Khalifa in 3 days

Google Street Capture View  in 828 meters burj al arab hope they gona build a new tennis place .
burj khalifa at the top view video at the end 
Eine wahre Geschichte um das berühmte burj Aquarium Restaurant. Ein Sheich möchte seine Haus mit so einem Aquarium umgeben bzw die Aussenmauer damit ersetzen, und ladet ein Architekt ein die Statische Berechnungen und Planung zumachen ob es überhaupt möglich..

Tweet board

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Imagine you could tweet like your made music on a launchpad Just tested some hardware for live tweets beyond normal use Some times you need something different and more robust than a keyboard. Very easy to setup and you can prepare your tweet like you do it with buffer .Switch accounts in seconds post images from different live sources..

Meta Friends some kind of Social payment System

How to keep Metafriends or how to give something more back to your social Twitter Facebook blog visitors like a discount system for your e-shop workshop or product you like to offer.  (translator on top right)
Wie baut man ein Rabat oder social Payment system in seinen blog mit ein.”Wie kann man die  Interaktionen Retweets Kommentare Reposts Honorieren..