What is Facebook maximum photo pixel size ?

Images and Photos are the most interacted content not only on Facebook on every social Media platfrom. One reason to take a close look how to optimize shared photo content for good exposure.

Photo Albums

The maximum pixel Facebook will store your uploaded pictures will be  720 x 720  pixels ,every bigger size will be resized. Make sure length is smaller than 720 or FB is down scaling to 720px of the longest axis. For practical use and a standard

Photo image ratio: 4:3 ratio  would be 720 x 540 px

Film   format ratio: 16:9 ratio would be 720 x 405 px

If the picture length is smaller than 720 it will fill it with the facebook gray to match 720 px.


New Facebook Timeline Photo :

since the new Timeline get public accessible for everyone some part changed. If you pcture is not a 4:3 pixel ration it get only viewed compresd in size on the wall. Same rule for all preview thumbs of rich media like Flash or movies shared from your Webpage or App.


Timeline Cover Photo Size:

Since Facebook updated all profiles to the Timeline profile you get a beautiful option to show your visitors a huge cover photo. There are several creative ways to use that new format.

  • It could be a extension to your regular profile picture

Recomended Format Size :  851px wide x 315px high minimum of 720px

Some Marketing people use the new Cover photo to advert for there business Facebook dont notice any rules that you could not place some kind of advert as your Timeline cover photo. Its on you what impression you would like to give when some one visit your Profile the first time. Its the same like you get as first contact email an advert.

 Timeline Highlighted Photo size :       843 x 403 pixel


Profile Photo

Rolling Update : Facecbook will change the profile size of the Timeline Profile Avatar from 125 x125  to 160 x 160 pixel . For most user it will make no difference exept if your Timeline cover photo match with your profile picture it will be not align anymore after the change . On 26 April, Facebook will be rolling this out to all Pages.

“The profile pic will sit 23 pixels from the left and 210 pixels from the top.”


Max Profile pictures             500 x 200     (these is on change as FB plans to reduce it )

Max thumbnail size               75 x 99

Square Wall Profile Thumb 50 x 50 px        ….q,jpg  (crop )      …s.jpg

Normal Thumb                     125 x 125 px                …. n.jpg


FB Photo Compression

As Webmasters know most server using ImageMagick or GD Lyb for resizing Facebook photo compression app is with 50% quite very high ,tray to avoid it .

Facebook Photo Compression and quality

Compression= 50%
Resolution = 92dpi


The new Facebook Lightbox 

The new FB Lightbox allow to view pictures bigger in the album, but that dont mean they are actualy bigger same like before the side ration make them filling up the frame or leaving some white frame around it.


Picture share tipps

Dont over share Facebook is not a photo community like Flickr or Picasa if you upload 20 photos or more no one will view them all . Better share smal sets of 3 as the new Leyout shows up to 3 -5 pictures on the wall and allow your friends to view and like them with a simple click.

Picture Tagging SEO 

You can Tagg pictures with friends name and Facebook Fanpages. FB will send a request to the person . If he dont allow the tagging it will not show up. Best case would be to tagg your own Fanpages or Friends that feel well by geting tagged from you . Ok you read till here ? lets pack out some more secrets most Facebook Admin dont know.

Facebook  Photo Tagging by User : probably most of you  know nearly all about it Fb minimise and notify every user who get tagged

Facebook Photo Tagging as a Page : Tagg other related pages  if not turned off, to make that interesting for photographer for example you can tag panoramic views as multi pictures 3 in one row like some profile use it. ( see Profile photo hack)

Facebook Photo Tagging  as WordPress Blog if you setup your WordPress correctly every like you get on a article produce a hiden Fanpage only visible to the admin with wall discussion and photo video section like a common Fanpage . No one will see that exept of you as the creator of your Blogpost. In technical SEO terms its  a 301 redirect Fanpage.  Even if no one  can see it, you can still work with that  Fanpage like with any other Fanpage . Post stuff Invite Friends ect.

Upload a Photo and Tag a person (notification for  permission ) or a Fanpage , you photo get added to the tagged photo collection. Any Click on the shared photo will redirect the user to your blog post. No need to add any link .

Additional thoughts  there are WP Plugins that can welkome a user depends where he come from Google Bing or Facebook you could even personalise the welcome massage if he enter true one of your Posts. Gona test that in the next days and add the result her.

In SEO words a Phototag is nothing else than a visual backlink  or comment.


Facebook photo hacks 

Want your Photos get viral ? or your pics drive trafic back to your blog .Just try following technik seen on a turkish Page with millions of likes. When you chose a picture chose one as a teaser and the other one as a regular thumb . Place a play button on the left corner of the pic . Dont upload just share your blog post with you wall or fans . Facebook user love videos and will tray to play the image . That image link will link directly to your blog or webpage. As long the picture is somehow relevant to the post no one wil complain.


 The old Video Thumbnail




 The Video Post thumbnail will change in the new Timeline layout !




New Timeline Media Icon the media Link Post format get smaler 

Minimum Thumbnail size for your Blog must be 200 x 200 to share media in FB.


The only Format that show full size on the Timeline are picture and Facebook Videos . A strong reason to use them more. Specialy Facebook videos could leed to more Interaction.


For special post you can limit acces to registered members only and ask for a Facebook connect with publishing rights  that will post the same blogpost again to the wall . The same way Washington post App is working , as soon you visit the page connect ask for some rights and inform your friends what you are reading. Its very simple to make a blog work like a full Facebook book application. You can automate the play button thumbnail for your blog by a image processing software like GD Library or ImageMagick that run on most Servers or even simpler look for a watermark Plugin in the WordPress Plugin repository and chose a use a play button as watermark.


Want to take a deep breath into the Facebook Developer area, interesting post from Stephan Parker about backgrounds of the development of Facebooks Picture Browser 


Facebook Picture hack as some Blackhats used that technic to misuse with senseless  landing pages and drive traffic to there pages.Stay clean and white and share something useful for your vistior.

Increase EdgRank for Images

One last note for Power users if you want your picture get high visiblity to your Friends Fans user your Mobile even when you desktop is right in front of you. Facebook honors the upload with excellent EdgRank  value. You can prove it by yourself or just watch how much interaction random Iphone uploads get from Users.

These post will be updated regulary as chages on the Facebook platform for images happen often and are still not optimum. The competitor Google Plus could be one reason for that. 

If you want to bookmark the page you can like or share it . Thank you for reading

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  2. Thank you so much, for sharing so much of the updated Facebook requirements and information. Today Facebook becomes a part of our life. Everyone enjoy it with their friends or with their family. We can change our FB cover photos as per our daily working mood in an easy way. There are many sites which provide a large collection of new & stylish FB cover photos which we can download in an easy way.

  3. Thank you so much, for sharing so much of the updated Facebook requirements and information. Today Facebook becomes a part of our life. Everyone enjoy it with their friends or with their family. We can change our FB cover photos as per our daily working mood in an easy way. There are many sites which provide a large collection of new & stylish FB cover photos which we can download in an easy way.

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