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Reading Time: 1 minuteEs gibt Sie die seltenen Momente wo immer noch ein altes Fax gewünscht ist. Nachdem mein Fax lägst vermottet wurde, ein extra Weg dafür kein spass.
Android Fax Core
Google Drive Chome Fax Plugin Pages free das sollte für ein Jahr reichen

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FaxCore Mobile Client (Beta)
This is a beta release of the FaxCore Mobile..

27th April 2012 Google Celebrate today the birthday of a great Greek Filmmaker…

Reading Time: 1 minute27th April 2012 Google Celebrate today the birthday of a great Greek Filmmaker and Film Producer . The 77th birthday of Theo Angelopoulos. He won five Palme d'Or with "The Hunters ", "Voyage to Cythera", "The Suspended Step of the Stork", "Ulysses' Gaze", "Eternity and a Day".
"He was known for his slow..

How to get Hangout on Air

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe post from +Colby Brown get my attention as experimenting how to port hangouts to a wider audience and how to live streaming to Facebook and other platforms without screen capture.
Finally its simpler than i thought Hangout on Air offers the youtube url that you can embed in your Blog or with a custom videoplayer..

Hangouts on Air Blocked in Germany

Reading Time: 1 minuteNoch mal Glück gehabt in Österreich oder haben wir ähnliche Gesetzte ?
Reshared post from +Siegfried Hirsch
Trying to watch a Google Hangout on Air in Germany?
No way – still blocked – see prove below.
In Deutschland können leider seit letzter Woche keine Hangouts on Air – also Hangouts, die über YouTube an ein breites Publikum gestreamt werden,..

Where Google publish !

Reading Time: 1 minuteGoogle Produkts Directory Related accounts on Facebook Twitter Blogs ect
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Different Google Directory Pages
Did you know, that there are lots of different channels Google is using to publish it’s information news. Here is a list I just found:
– Google+ Pages –– Facebook directory –– Twitter directory –– YouTube directory..

Most aktive US Hangout show

Reading Time: 1 minuteUS only i will chose that for a Hangout to Facebook Livestream test not sure how precise the new youtube analytics are but they show 10 viewers live at the moment.Hope the show is up for at least a hour.
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Sarah Hill is hanging out with 9 people right now in..