Austria Cowboys ride wilder

About the myth that Austria don’t have Cowboys
There is a little Country some where in Europe between the mountains ,north of Italy south of Germany called Austria .Very hard to find i know i had also my problems on a standard map.And you can believe it or not there are also some Cowboys living..

Virtual Worlds melt to Real VFX Film

World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo.
This cool Video remembers me on my old Second life times ,It show a very creative spot how reality and Virtually melt together .The old times when Building a Virtual Austria as a Metacowboy. The shooting takes about 1 Day the post and SFX over 2 Years .
Credit go..

HOT for Words Most Sexy TV Channel

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Sexy Teacher “Paparazzi” Just tuned in this Youtube channel and really not hardly impressed about this charmy sweet program running as a Youtube Channel .Second interesting part she is up now for 1 year and ranked as most watched channel on ALL of YouTube as well – just ahead of Universal Music Group and the NBA…

"Look at This" Facebook Phishing spread ultra fast

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(CNN)Facebook Hackers Phishing and Taking Over Facebook Accounts
Today i realised that the mails i get in my Facebook account with the title “Look at This” which holds a simple link and is all time difference is not a one time thing .
Mostly the links point too a site with Facebook site look and login window..