The little SEO Wekend Story 

Or why Afganistan could be important for your Goggle search engin ranking. First of all take it as a story its some years old but still fun and never written down anywhere .

One day i got a bit bored about my professional blog and i read some artikels how expensive high ranked Keywords are and how much people pay to get high ranked  .

So i start a little experiment i want to rank for one of these Keywords like "Sex" just to test if there is any chance at all. In a Adult Industry who invest a lot of money to make online business.  As i had no online relation with that word i chose "Sexy" instead and build a nice titel around it. Finally i forgot about the experiment one day about 3 month later looked at the Google Analytics stats  and was heavily  surprised  half Afghanistan is jumping on tat little nasty  blog with just one youtube video and 5 lines of text. 

First thought was that someone Sandboxed or banned the Page since i never wrote one word about Afganistan nor been a muslim or understand a word arabic. It needs some time to realise that google have even in Afganistan a search engine so what the heck i do in vienna with massiv traffic from a remote exotic place ? No product no service i could offer them. A bit more research solve the puzzle . is the Mother of all search Engines with many beautiful daughter and sons, the local search engins. After some time Mother will adopt the result from there daughters . And vuala it moves into the search result on the same position like on the remote search Engine. Top places Nr.1 . it took some time but now it stays there for many years already hot ranked on place one .

That was 2008 the Titel was " Most sexy TV channel " the blog is not anymore in use but still online build on b2Evolution exotic blog .  

Since then i learned a lot and still love Seo – I dont go into the Casino its my compensation.

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