Reborn original TweetDeck Fix

Probably you get in the same situation after Twitter purchased the tweetdeck twitter client they updated it or downgraded it more to something useless the hunt for a tweetdeck alternative started. Since then I feelt a bit like left over naked in the Twiitter sky like a bird without feathers. You can still install and revert old tweetdeck desktop versionwhen you clean up a bit the twitter api still works with the old Tweetdeck client.


Here some steps i hade to take to get it working again .

1)  Tweetdeck Download 0.38 last orginal version  Download

For Windows User Download  Tweetdeck 0.38.2,

For Mac OS X User  Download         Tweetdeck 0.38.1

2.) Unistall Adobe AIR and make a Fresh install 

3) Uninstall the new Twitter Tweetdeck

4) Clean up and delete any Tweetdeck Preferences 


5) Reinstall Air and Tweetdeck 0.36

You will end up with a vergin like first time Tweetdeck install .

The Clean up part was in my case the problem that it dont work after just installing the fresh old version.

G: Nach dem Motto Zurück in die Zukunft mit der alten Tweetdeck  version


What you will get back ? 

One of the best Twitter clients on earth for free.

The Horizontal Scroll Bar 

Retweets inline with the hover over avatar picture

More colums in the visible 

variable tweetdeck column width

Still looking for a solution to revert the tweetdeck chrome app since it offers some additional feature like translate. Since Google Chrome Plugin update autmaticly it would need a littel change in the plugin update url to block the update. 


Empty column Tweetdeck Fix if your tweetdeck  stays blank with no colomns .Delet the Prefernce folder in the libraray. That could happen when you crash like battery empty.

<Home> Library>Preferences> Delete Tweetdeck Folder 

and Delete the Preference folder of Tweetdeck.  You have to sign in again and build your columns new  but everything should work again. The Folder would be named something like TweetDeckFast    followed by random characters 


Take care that you dont update to the new version when the popup on the start ask for it if you dont want to repaet the procedure.