Profile Photo as QR Code App

Some real nice tool thinking how to make your  post more mobile ? 
These is probabyl the simplest and nicest way . +Russ Cox explain very detailed how QR codes work and how Arty you can go. All time i thought what default share thumb i should use the QR image is a nice and personal one.
Now you can go really creative start rebuilding the QR picture with beans or something else, or better let your Childern puzzle it for you if you are not that big puzzle fan.

Update: Just if you want to go right into the experimenting without tech read here is the app link.

Nice Experimenting the a creative evening


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This is Part 2 of "How to make QR codes like the ones I posted last week". Comments here post to the blog.

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research!rsc: QArt Codes
QR codes are 2-dimensional bar codes that encode arbitrary text strings. A common use of QR codes is to encode URLs so that people can scan a QR code (for example, on an advertising poster, building r…