Multi Admin and Manager for Google Plus and FB Pages

Just shortly G+ Introduce how to add multiadmins to your Google+ Page now slowly G+ pages start to get interesting. I would like to share 3 ways how to add Managers to your Facebook Fanpage without Super Admin Power.

Even we love G+ most of us have still some Fanpages that should keep alive or convert to Google Page fans too.

What most Facebook Admins dont know there are 3 hidden ways to add multi admins with limited rights and Manager to your Facebook Fan page too.
Same like in WordPress where you have different levels Super Admin (you), Admin ,Editor, Contributor ect the same right management for Facebook Fanpages could simply add to your Fanpage with 3 simple steps.

Why you would need multi admins ? Many Fanpages have a global audience but your Admin's cant post in every time zone at the right time when the user is online so he will miss you post. Example see the Mashable page with a huge fanbase and quite smal aktive interaction as the real fans even dont see the posts. Even with great content. The FB graph make the rest no interaction it starts to blend page the page out.

Without getting to technical here, I will extend these post later on if there is some interest in that work around.

place a plus to stay updated 😉

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