How you email facebook

Facebook Service is nearly non existent if you run in any problems with your account or page or any other service you can be nearly shure not geting any respons or help from there custom service . Not even if you are a paying client as far we read on various form you must be at least a over 10.000 $ add client to get a support from Facebook .  Just read the different Facebook  help topics. Not the best news for the biggest social platform on the net. Iven the Phone lines if you find the numbers will get a automated answer that they dont have phone support. Official Emails like or will be bounced back saying they dont have email support either and look for answer at the help section .

If you invest a lot of money or time in building your Fanpage you could stay quite alown on with your problem . As there are many malware and links running up and down on facebook even when your account get hacked its your problem and it will be hard to get any admin or support.

Facebook doesn’t like people contacting them by e-mail which is why they bury their contact details. The closest thing you will get to actually contacting them is by reporting the problem to them via one of the forms below. A response from Facebook, however, is not guaranteed.

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