How to Change the Tweetdeck Notification

Morning Birds

Its spring time so the right time to change the annoying atom submarine notification sound from Tweetdeck. As some will use twitter too it could help you too enjoy the spring and twitter without Red sonar alerts.


Really simple, It takes about 5 minutes to change and Edit the original notification sound to what ever you like. I choose the same bird chirp that wakes me up every morning but some Actor voice could be also interesting.

First find the folder where Tweetdeck for Chrome stores the tweet.mp3 file

on the mac

you find some cryptic folders like these sdfhieurhgasgjklahgreahgorah
use search and find tweet.mp3
make a backup of the sound if you ever want to turn back to the submarine

Place your new Notification Sound right over the old. Thats it

Just keep in mind export your new Mp3 Sound as 44khz and not to big or long original is about 16kB half a second long. In my case I us a long 1,5 second chirp and still works and make the tweeter Notification more fun and spring style 🙂

For Sound Editing my Favorite Free Editor simple with no learing curve.

WIn /Mac/ Linux Audacity

Or just grab my the Birds now your twitter update sounds like spring time

Download :Tweetdeck Bird sound 

foto by slack12