How to add Facebook Groups to Fanpages

Several Facebook Fanpages start can add Groups to their Fanpages. This is long time requested feature for many years now. Here I will try to describe how you could add Groups to your Pages now. Even if you are not in the very small Test Group.
First, let me describe why it’s a good..

How to post your Facebook Panorama 360 Photos

Panoramas Photos können seit wenigen tagen auch auf Facebook Hochgeladen werden, auf Privaten Profilen Gruppen und Fanpages. Doch wer sich ein bisschen mit Panoramas beschäftigt, weiss das es dazu nicht zwingend eine eigene 360 Grad Kamera benötig. Hier möchte ich ein paar Mobile Apps vorstellen mit denen man ohne Neuer Camera  feine Panoramas mit seinem..

How to post & share Videos for facebook

To integrate Video in your post on the metaprime blogs you should follow following steps to get best engagement from social  friends. The blog and all sister blogs are optimized for media sharing and specially video for Facebook it will work for mobile and desktop viewer. Ok lets start

Click the film-thumb icon in the Editor..

How to embed Facebook Video in WordPress

If you watched the F8 conference you know that you can embed facebook videos now on your own blog and webpage.  Since wordpress and most other CMS dont like scripts in the content area here is a small walk thru to optimise and minimise the embed code to the needed essence.
The default code offered from..

How to get into Facebook Page Recommendations Box

Some interesting facebook feature for Fan Pages the Recommendation box shows up and are running for some time. How you get promoted by Facebook as Related Pages and show up to get get more likes organically for your Fanpage. It’s probably the best and fastest way to grow without spending huge amount for Facebook Advertising..

MetaGrids or How to Build social Awareness

Since on Twitter and other Social Networks thinking how to make it less time consuming and concentrate more on the people and communication than on Platform. Many fabulous Tools and Apps build but most concentrate on ranking influence and follower grow.One key mostly get forgotten all these important parameter depends on region language and time…

How to invite most of your Friends to your Facebook Fanpage

Since these is a little work arround to the invite all friends to your Facebook Groups . Same procdure can be done with Fanpages and other Facebook Groups , Event invites ect. Google Chrome dont allow anymore to execute Javascript in the browser bar some simple steps to get the job done in Google Chome.
Aktive the Developer Bar 

How to find Pinterest RSS feeds

As there is no offical APi for Pinterest the simplest way to get hands on your Pin is via RSS feed . You can import and embed to your WordPress Blog Fanpage or  Twitter.
The Board example is from the Social Media Menu board. To stay updated on the most popular pins you can add the..

How to add your Video into the Fanpage Videochart

Its very simple just add a comment with your youtube link on any post on the Facebook timeline. Only Youtube videos are supported. Videos must fit the Page topic.  The Video App shows all video comments from the Timeline .