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What I’ve Learned about Google and Googling

I’ve been googling long enough that I felt the desire to share my experience.  So here’s what I’ve learned – so far…

1. The G+ community is comprised of kind, generous people who are willing to drop everything and help a newbie with a problem.

2. I’ve met some really intelligent people who are experts in a wide array of subjects, so feel free to ask.  Someone will answer.

3. In order to meet people, post things that interest you, but also get involved in other people’s posts.  I’ve met new, intriguing people on other people’s posts.

4. Be generous with your +1s.  Everyone needs encouragement.

5. Comment, comment, comment.  Even if all you feel like saying is “LOL,” say it, but it is good to expand on your feelings and opinions if you can.  Don’t worry.  No one is grading you.

6. You will meet people from all over the world who are open-minded and interested in both sharing their culture and learning about yours.

7. Don’t be rude.  People will just ignore you.  If that’s your goal, you’re in the wrong place.

8. Let people know who you are.  If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable about this, just let them know who you are by expressing your opinions.

9. If you get into a discussion, try to take the time to give a reasoned answer.  It may take some time, but it makes for more interesting threads.

10. There is such a thing as posting too much.  If you post 25 quotes in a two hour period, you’re going to clog the stream.

11. As +martin shervington  said, people like to laugh.  If you’re someone who shares serious posts all the time, throw in a funny one once in a while.  Give me a break…

12. It’s OK to try on someone new and then “unfollow” them if you find you’re not interested in their posts.  It’s not rude.

13. On the other hand, give someone new a chance.  I’ve learned things from people who are not interested in the same areas I am.

14. Have fun, whatever you define as fun.  I know for some people,  this means sharing information on a particular subject, so have fun your way.

15. Use those emoticons and LOLs so people know the context of your comment.  I resisted it at first until I had a few experiences where people thought my puckish wit was serious.

16. Read those articles written by knowledgeable people.  It will make your experience so much more enjoyable.  I know if I name names, I will forget somebody, so just do a search or ask someone for a referral.

17. Check out Google Chrome – if you haven’t already.  There is some cool stuff there.

18. When someone talks to you on your post, answer back.  If you ignore them, they’ll go away.

19.  Use the advice on organizing your circle.  It really helps.

20.  Consider doing a hangout.  It is amazing to talk to someone from another country face to face.

21.  Google is a terrific forum which allows opinionated people like me to talk about my experience.  Thank you, G+ community.

I'm sure I've repeated things said by other people, but my intentions are honorable, and if I have offended you, I apologize in advance.

Holding my breath and asking those I've missed to excuse me, I will name some names:  +Akpo Siekpe +Jens Graikowski +martin shervington +Jaana Nyström +Bud Hoffman