Slow me Down – WordPress Plugs

These is a intern Log post for our WordPress Plugins that slow down the Blog and get removed after a Testing perjod. Every WordPress Plugin needs some time to handle there functions and SQL Queries some are incredible slow . Every second you lose by a plugin you will hurt the Google Search Bots and the vistors. The mesure the Query times i use a great developer Plugin from German Developer Frank Büldge Debug Querys  that get themporary acrivated to messure the speed leek. Beside public Plugins many plug modds get tested on the live blog too. Instead of turing off and on every plugin to find the Slow ones the plugin helps to keep the Blog on speed. The results are only personal for our blog Server and theme it could perform differnt on your Blog.

Last seen                                                             Date                                     Time

WPSD    WP-Stats-Dashboard              23.Feb.2012                             6.5

Displays your WordPress and social media statistics on your dashboard


Register Plus                                                23. FEb.2012                           5.9

Enhance your Registration Page


Visitor Maps and Who’s Online           15.Jan.2012

Shows map and external visitor data // exchanged with Piwik  Stats


All Tests with no Caching Plugs