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How to promote your page on Facebook



Promote your page on Twitter

Twitter is a great Social Media Network but if you dont have many 1000 or at least a tribe of 100 realy supportive Friends on twitter it make no sense. One expetion after a long period Google bans Twitter search result now they are back. So if you Post good SEo Titels that attract a lot of search results. Than you can . Or connect the Fanpage only partial formt the SEO viewpoint Notes are the most Powerfull part in Facebook.


Promote your Page Posts

As soon your Fanpage is aktive you can share your Blog post on the Page dont forget first viral than Promotion. You cant edit a post afterwards but you can Edit the Post with a picture. Even add a link after it got many shares. All time look for shares and comments Likes produce a much smaler story.Take some lessons from the Big Social Brands and Apps. How they share and get millions of new Subscriber ? Pinterest Instagram are just 2 of them. Dont forget FB can bring you many people to your Blog but be sure its ready and taff for the Trafic . Facebook trafic is fast and short. If your Page loads slower than FB you lost your potential visitor . Share somethng that have a kind of landing page designe specialy for vistior coming form Facebook. Here you on your WordPress Blog you can make a popup like gate . Take the full resources what the Facebook Graph allowed you share not only Thumbs with text . Videos from your Webpage not from youtube exept you like to promote youtube.



Get more likes on facebook business page

Here we turn in when we got what we need a community Page with many Fans That is related to our Business. All Fanpage work the same like People from the view of the Open Graph there are many psychologic parameter to make it a good experience for the Fan. Think the same way and Like as Fanpage as many related Fanpages as you can. You will get a relation to there Fans to and will show up in the Search for them . Some huge fanpages even comment on your Page that will produce a News Feed story on the Fans right Tab. 


Get more likes on facebook page free

Many places can be found to buy random huge numbers of fans . But will that fan the one you need on your business Page ? They are very simple rules to get huge Fan Likes in a short time. First make some research Fanpage get liked by people who get influnted by Media. Look around even in other language and Countries what runs hot inside Facebook. Good resource are some Fanpage stats Pages like ….   . Take them as guide . Dont copy one by one adapt a good idea to your region and language.

2. Make it really simple   No Landing Pages and all that stuff that could slow down or iritate the Fan from liking your Page and be a part of the movement. 

3. Make a Blog or Webseite with Facebook Connect integration that part is important as you will chose the posts Page as Favorite . When your Fanpage reach the max posible Fans as Favorite Pages or Places depends on your business.

4. Before you start to collect one by one your fans or even worser start to spam Facebook build a tribe around a Idea .

5. Get a very Good Invite Script App thats the only Tab allowed if you are serius dont take a free one script it yourself or look for some one that can build it for you. Its much less expensive than Adverts for the same amount of fans.

6. If it dont work start again . If it dont run from the start you missed some point or chose the wrong topic.

7. Get Great Admins and Moderator if the topic is controversial what is good many post could happen that you dont want on the page . Just some number for a Fanpage grow of 100k we take uo to 8 Admins . 

8. Monitor your Page how it grows . Dont advert on the page any comercial stuff befor it got his fans. That would brake the Fan locality.




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Feel free to add your Fanpage url into the comment Box. The Comment with the most like/comments get a nice shout out on a bigger Fanpage and i will tweet the winner to my follower to. Why becouse these little Blog get his first burthday and will welcome shortly his 100.000 unik visitor. Thats a quite big milestone for him.