Facebook Search Graph Examples

 FanPage Graph Search queries to explore your Fanpage connections and Interests of your Personal Communities . Just change the example Fanpage Name with the page name your are interested in . My friends who like Metaprime Studio Friends of Max BAUER who like Cameraman People who like Cameraman and commented on photos of Cameraman People who like Cameraman and liked photos of Cameraman My friends who commented on my photos   People who like Metaprime Studio and live in Vienna, Austria Favorite interests of people who like METAPRIME STUDIO Favorite interests of people who follow Cameraman employees Pages liked by people who like Thomas Hutter's Social Media Blog and Facebook für Unternehmen Content Related Graph Search  Videos by pages I like Videos liked by people who like Cameraman Videos by people who are not my friends liked by people who like Cameraman Photos liked by married men who like Street prostitution  PAGE RELATED CONNECTION  Pages similar to BBC News Favorite pages of people who like Social Media Club München and who live in Munich, Germany Favorite pages of people who like Thomas Hutter's Social Media Blog and who live in Vienna, Austria..

Facebook Graph API 2 Migration Upgrading workflow

Since we get close to the Sundown of the FAcebook Graph API 1.0 now all APPs have to be updated till end of April 30. Here a short log how we run it and what functions to take care for both Javascript and PHP SDK s based apps. At the end some links from Facebook..



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Wir sind in Wien zuhause somit auch für längere Projekte immer in Ihrer nähe für Persönliche Besprechungen  . Gerne Pflegen und warten wir unsere Entwicklungen auch nach dem Final Release weiter.

Fanpage Invite All People who Like your Posts

How to Invite all People who Like the Post to your Page  Facebook rolled out some new feature to invite People who liked one of your post but are not fan of your Fan Page. These great feature to connect with people who already liked your Fanpage content but missed to Like the Fanpage can..

Minify Fix for WordPress Final

Main goals For maximum optimisation the minify goal was to speed up the Wordpress blog to serve mobile visitors with the best possible experience. A personal ambitious goal was get faster than Amazon starting page on my cheap shared host. Technically move the compressed files with all or most javascript files at the end of..

Interactive Social Chart for WordPress with D3

Update What is possible with with D3 in wordpress ? For Fast Prototyping and Visualization of Graph and Social Data there is nearly nothing more beautiful than the D3. But you don't want to build a own webpage for every single Graph Chart. Just before starting to hammer some code together I found..

Scheduling Tweets from Google Calendar

Since more ad more social Media platform rise up i think all time how to minimize Page jumping and get a smooth social flow. Here i want to share a workflow to schedule Tweets out form Google Calendar or your Google Plus home with the help of some tiny Wordpress Plugins. There are many Services..

MetaGrids or How to Build social Awareness

Since on Twitter and other Social Networks thinking how to make it less time consuming and concentrate more on the people and communication than on Platform. Many fabulous Tools and Apps build but most concentrate on ranking influence and follower grow.One key mostly get forgotten all these important parameter depends on region language and time…

JqGrid upgrade for Boolean search operator

Started to search for some beautiful Table visualisation that and endet up with PHPGrid that offers what i need PhpGrid based on JQGrid from Triland . Some nice php jqgrid development from China the older phpgrid3.0beta (2009-11-14 ) from a Chinese Developer.
Anyway after all some important function was missing for me the Boolean searches like bigger >= and smaller > equal >= to search..