In 5 years you will pay your rent with Facebook

-Gerd Leonhard Media Futurist-
This is a 90 minute+ video of Gerd Leonhard s presentation on “New Insights: The Future of Business – trends, future scenarios and key insights” at the Fundacao Dom Cabral (FDC) in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Brazil is one of the leading Internet Nations in the world Leonhards talk is extremely inspiring and..

How to make a Youtube Video more succesfull

This sweet song remembers i played several time after i found them the guy who make it as a tribute to Vienna Billy Joel found it after a deeper digg into keywords for videos on YouTube.

Its really hard to gain some video related keywords like Vienna as i searched throw there are many artist more..

How to make viral TV promotion ?

This simple you tube movie just show very nice how you can give the user a bit more to interact than just watching or commenting on a video . Interactive videos is a long discussed topic on the Television scene but except on some experimental and artist productions not seen much anymore .With the huge..

Austria Cowboys ride wilder

About the myth that Austria don’t have Cowboys
There is a little Country some where in Europe between the mountains ,north of Italy south of Germany called Austria .Very hard to find i know i had also my problems on a standard map.And you can believe it or not there are also some Cowboys living..

"Look at This" Facebook Phishing spread ultra fast

(CNN)Facebook Hackers Phishing and Taking Over Facebook Accounts
Today i realised that the mails i get in my Facebook account with the title “Look at This” which holds a simple link and is all time difference is not a one time thing .
Mostly the links point too a site with Facebook site look and login window..

Obama live spech .. or how one man can change worlds view to muslim world

This morning reach me this video “Muslim Americans Serving in the U.S. Government” over Facebook from a Austrian Journalist friend and i was heavy impressed how the US White house preper the speech in Egypt Cairo University. The speech is intended to help reopen a new dialogue with the Muslim world. At this morning the..

Woud Buddha use Internet ?

Some Time ago Traveler and Backpacker just take with them there minimum stuff as they have to carry all of there belongings over month around.
On my second Travel to Indochina to Laos I recognize a massive change many of the Traveler carry there laptops and Notebooks with them , Internet is asseible even in the..