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Shorty i get a massage from a Director that he need some support for his movie about the Social Networks and the peopel behind.
I meet him about a year ago when i was still very aktiv on Secondlife Platform with some Austria and Event simulating Projects.
Now there is a voting from the ZDF where the highest voted movie will get the final budget to get produced.
Probably this is a quite hard way how to vote you would need a description to make it
1. Go to the ZDF Vote Page
2. Pop Up must be enabled that it works
3. Vote with 5 stars if you are kind
4. If you dont have a account there you must register

Why support this Film ? Ones great music artist get featerd there. It is a Virtual live like Facebook Twitter or Myspace where people interakt and comunicate only the interface is different. Love Art and Sex
Background ,ZDF is one of the major German Brodcaster ,over 12o Projects get registerd there .Director Daniel Moshel

“We are giving talented young artists the chance to realize a fully-funded film with editorial support with a duration of 45 to max. 60 minutes. Furthermore, every selected project will receive the support of a mentor who is an expert in the field and will personally accompany the project. ”

Any way its worth to check out the Page probabl you have a Movie that needs some budget too.
Five of the 120 projects that entered the contest will be fully funded!
Read the full Expose
If you spend a vote like or dont like the movie i would be happy about your comment .You can comment with Facebook Connect .
soon more about the Facebook Movie

  1. Danke dafür Amir 🙂
    Sie haben für uns einen Preis erfunden.-)
    mehr auf unserem Blog.. die nachricht muss ich heute noch spreaden
    Schönes neues Jahr wünsche ich Dir!

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