Listening To Social Media Traffic

social media listen

You realise that some content post on Facebook runs very well, as soon its branded it sucks or get fully ignored. All  Content on Facebook once posted is static stored on there server cache and non editable. There are two exceptions one is external video where the player hosted on your web. The second are images . Images and Video are the only visual status you can edit after wards  and change text or add a link.  So here some thouhgts that can help to get your storyteller spread better there storys or even get viral and still make a great social media conversion rate for your digital marketing department. 


Images PostEdit : When you change the Caption Text on a image in Facebook that got a lot of shares. Not only the one post will change alle shared Images on users wall and Gallerys will also change the Caption Text description. If you want be more elegant you dont add a simple link you add a Facebook Object.  you can generate even afterwards. that will link to your blog or webplace. What is a Facebook Object ? A Facebook Object is anything that will link to a other place and is somehow likeable.


Facebook Video Post Edit: Same with images uploaded to FB si posible with videos. Many succesfull video shares are uploaded to FB. But you cant change the Video. To change the video you have to keep controll of the player. Most Player allow to setup via a XML File where you define what get played ad how. That XML file is hostet and loaded from your webspace where you can change it any time you like . For example you can serve the video without any add as soon it starts to get viral the Add System turns in and serve a Banner add or Flash add with a linke to your landing page where you want to convert and the user take action.

Listen to your Fans and User Trafic and take action in time .