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CasparCG CheatSheet

A collection of most useful CasparCG commands  personal cheat-sheet to connect different devices and producer to the CapsarCG Server. This blogpost is in still in build its a short list of some helpfull command and how to . To operate with the CasparCG Client. In the wiki its nearly imposible to find what you search for.

AMCP Protocol

Advanced Media Control Protocol AMCP is the main communication protocol used to control and query CasparCG Server. This are the commands send from a Client to the CapsarCG Server.  Command strings are case insensitive


play 1-10  “”


Play Desktop Screen with SplitCam

Scenario #One Produce Visual Content on a MAC share it with TCPSyphon connect WIN with TCPSpout stream with CasparCG

List all availabel FFMpeg Direct Show Devices

fmpeg -list_devices true -f dshow -i dummy


play 1-1 “dshow://video=SplitCam Video Driver”

Scenario #Two Preview different Facebook Live streams from Partner with VLC Syphon => TCPSpout switch online with CasparCG

Scenatio #Tree Connect multiple Android iPhone Syphon Server stream it with CasparCG.

Iphone Syphon iOS apps 

TLRemoteCamera  send camera images to TCPSyphonClient on OSX via TCP/IP small latency

TLSyphonViewer  can receive  TCPSyphon Server via WiFi

TLSensor various sensor parameters with Open Sound Control(OSC)


The Spout app is an equivalent to Syphon build for Windows to share videos with multiple applications. It was mainly built for videoDj to feed different visuals to their projections.


PLAY Input stream VLC as PRODUCER

The VLC Server sends the Stream with PLAY …rtp:// we start to output the stream. We can use this for streaming Desktop or incoming streams like Webcams or other Facebook Live streams.

PLAY 1-1 STREAM “rtp://”

How to Play udp Mpeg Streams with CasparCG Producers

PLAY 1-1 STREAM “udp://”



Ref: CasparCG Wiki



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