How to start as Time Traveler

True magic grows when light and time meets in a place with a story . Beside of all the digital technics and effects most forgot that a good photo needs time the more time you lett the light to expose the deeper the light can exposure there Relation of a place and his story even if the story passed the place a long long time ago.
+Ian Ference got a incredible collection of places every creative Filmmaker or Photographer could only dream of, its not about traveling around the world on magic place its finding the magic around you in your surrounding. Every city or place hide places with stories told and lived by people some sad some timeless beautiful you can read feel and transport them with a photograph.
take some time and a deep breath more in the
gallery named Ruins

or some interesting experiments "Grab-bag" with
humanised places

In Vienna we have many of these forgotten places and only twice in the last years i went for a hunt Ian motivate me for the next #timetravel beyond the visible .

Reshared post from +Ian Ference

Photo of the hallway outside the rooms depicted here: – accounting for the warm glow in the room. Brooklyn Naval Hospital, original 1838 main building, 2009.

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