Fanpage Invite All People who Like your Posts

How to Invite all People who Like the Post to your Page 

Facebook rolled out some new feature to invite People who liked one of your post but are not fan of your Fan Page. These great feature to connect with people who already liked your Fanpage content but missed to Like the Fanpage can now get a invitation to your Page. People who like with mobile tend not to follow or explore the source of what they liked. These Non Fans are mostly liked Interacted  on Friends Stream where they saw your post . By getting these People on board you get a highly homogen and loyal Fanbase. If People join with some friends the chance that they interact again is much higher than if they have no one who share the same interest. With the new Invited you give them a option to reconnect to your page.

Go to :

  1. Go to your Fanpage and right click the Thumb people See who Like this 
  2. Press See more since no more Liker get loaded (max 500 )
  3. Open your Browser Console Mac  Win [] more detailed how to open the Developer Tools in Chrome
  4. Copy and past the little Helper javascript below . You will see the usual Stop ! This is a browser feature intended for developers. ….  Warning
  5. Press enter to activate the script, all Invite buttons are now pressed
  6. You can process that for every post you like
  7. Start slowly and explore the return of new Fans

Depends how many Non Fans Liked your post the numbers of invitations will be different by post. Keep in mind all invitations are send from your personal account not from the Fan Page . Some best practice Don’t surprise a facebook User to show some connection to the page share your own page post on your profile or make the post sticky on top of your Page . People will remember that they liked it and hopefully will join your Fan Page to receive more post they like. Invitation can only send once per User .Important disable any add blocker on your browser before executing the script

var inputs = document.querySelectorAll('a._42ft._4jy0._4jy3._517h');
for(var i=1; i<inputs.length;i++) {;

What is the experience inviting people who liked your post to the Fanpage?

Mostly people like something from  there friends feed since nearly 80% use facebook with a mobile no one will click thru to your page and will forgot where it comes from . With the invite you give them a second chance to connect as an engaged Fan with your page . Not once they message the page to say thank’s for the invite.  They will recive the Invites directly form the Page not from your personal account !Disclaimer These Helper Script is for research only in general you should be very careful what you enter in the console.  Not all Regions have the new Feature to invite Post Liker from there Fanpage, Its one of these feature Facebook is testing and improving.

Tested within Facebook English Desktop Chrome ,Firefox and Safari . Thank you for reading hope these is useful to make live easier and grow your fanpage organic. Pleas share post your experience any suggestion are welcome .When you click on the Thumb below your post a popup shows you who have liked your post . You can also choose to right click and open in New Window to see it on a full page .

The downside if your post have a high engagement rate like several hundreds or thousand likes it can be a hassle to click all the single Invites. The same Button function exists for Facebook Groups or Events to accept all new Members . Whits these little  Helper script you can simplify the process and concentrate more to produce great content for your Fans. How It works : it runs true all the Invite buttons and send the invite to People who are not Fans .

Where you find the new Fan Page post Liker ? The short version is below step by step , but you can build the url by hand to for the more advanced like. Some people report that they cant invite on there page if so build the url manually .If you remove the actorid you can only add the Liker as Friends April/2017 Fanpage Liker Invite experiment V1.3Some parts changed Facebook Introduce the reactions and also split the Actions on your post. First the good news it shows more than the 512 limit . The downside they limit the invite by admin per day base but that’s quite ok to keep a organic growing fanbase without overuse of any facebook function.  Script in the Box is a updated version . It limits by the first var the invites . The 350 are experimental probably you should start lower ./**
FB Like Invite 2017/jan V1.3
Execute in the Chrome Console
Page: FAcebook Post Liker Page Invite
var i= 0;
var mxinv = 300;
var fbinputs = document.querySelectorAll(‘a._42ft._4jy0._4jy3._517h._51sy:not(._59pe)’);
for (var J = mxinv ; J >= 0; –J) {
var minvLink = fbinputs;
if (typeof fbinputs !== ‘undefined’ && fbinputs != null ) {
var ayax = fbinputs.getAttribute(“ajaxify”);
if (ayax != null && ayax.indexOf(“/invite/”) >= 0) {

  1. Hi Amir, why at one of my fanpages i can invite and i other one i can’t, i just can add friend?

  2. Hello Amir,

    thanks for the excellent script. I was using the small version of the script, afterward i tried the second one, but at the moment i run it, the firefox or chrome hang and is not. something is making the script really heavy, maybe is high memory consumption or im using the script in the wrong way?. Maybe you had similar experience.

    Thanks and all the best

  3. Hi,

    I used this script, it was great for inviting many people at once, however, they were all invited from my personal account rather than the page, even when I was in Business Manager, I think the trick must be to “Use Facebook Page as X”.

    I also started getting random invite accepts for various groups that I have never requested to join. Did anyone else come across this?



    • There is no random group invite by the snippet its very simple and everyone can read translate it what it does. When it stop to work FB blocks your page from more invite, ( overuse of invites) , just make a pause and use it slowly.

  4. Doesn’t work anymore by my side 🙁

  5. hello, when I use new code I get error :

    “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘textContent’ of undefined
    at :5:34”

    • Hello David yes its broken since 2017, UI changed again some update is don will update this post soon

      • Hey, any ETA about the update? 🙂

      • Hello, are you still going to update the script? 🙂 Would be awesome!

  6. Огромное СПАСИБО!!!!!

  7. Worked perfectly, thank you very very much 😀

    Got one for Twitter?

  8. What can I do? I don’t have the INVITE button,it’s Add A Friend,is that possible to work?

  9. I get following error:
    VM3467:5 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘textContent’ of undefined(…)

    When trying to use the script (updated) version

  10. Please can someone explain me all the steps in detail? I need help. Thanks

  11. It doesen work by me.
    It says ” TypeError: mminvLink is undefined ”

    What is the issue?

  12. awesome if it real.. but, where i have to put the script above in chrome developer tool my brother? could you please provide me more clear step by step instruction in chrome? thanks

  13. I dont get how to run this code. I typed into the console, but it wount work

  14. Some problem is
    if (/Invite/i.test (mminvLink.textContent) ) {

    not exiting. 🙁

  15. amazing! Thanks for such a cool thing

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