Every Creative needs a Bird … just a prototype experiment to build dynamic B-day Greeting card videos for Facebook Friends in WordPress. The Experiment ended and will probably be build into a independent app as more stable and simpler to maintain.

The Basics

The Page build custom Content based on Peoples Username include public profile into the video and custom comments from friends into the Newsfeed ticker below the video . Works best shared and embedded on Facebook .

Add on : People should be able to choose from different B-day videos . Alternative a Animated B-Day Gif is simpler and shorter to share than a 2 min video. Since many Social Video ad ons grow like Instavideo Vime it would be possible to connect accounts and add Text over the video for the B-DAy Person .

Some Parts of the Prototype used for the Livestream App to feed Edit video playlist based on WordPress posts . WordPress Video Feed to Facebook .


Just a little present for my best Facebook Friends  most of them creative like bulls and free like birds .the Birds nest was is a symbolic post for there special day. If you are a good friend you can like or comment your wishes below they are only for and his  special day.




                                                      {  Inspiration Credits to Facebook Friends .}

These Life Bird nest view Camera show the grow and birth of Eagl in Island most of the day quite aktive heavy aktion when mother return with food . hope you enjoy it.


You can leave a nice wish in the comments that will apear in the video for your friend .