Finnland Weather effects

Just learned some important rules
dont forget your Koskenkorva when you go outdoor

Reshared post from +Jaana Nyström

Weather effects in Finland vs. rest of the World: 🙂

+15C Spanish wear caps, gloves and winter coats, Finns are sunbathing.

+10C French desperately try to get their central heating on. Finns plant flowers.

+5C Italian cars won't start. Finns drive with convertibles.

0C Pure water freezes. Water in river Vantaa thickens a bit.

-5C First people are found frozen in California. Finnish midsummer festival ends.

-10C Scottish turn the heat on in their houses. Finns start to use long-sleeve shirts.

-20C Swedes stay indoors. Finns are having last barbeque before winter.

-30C Half of the Greek people have frozen to death. Finns start to dry their laundry indoors.

-50C Polar bears evacuate North Pole. Finnish army starts it's winter training.

-70C Siberian people are moving to Moscow. Finns are furious since the Koskenkorva vodka can't be stored outdoors anymore.

-273C Absolute Zero. Finns admit that it is quite cold outside.

-300C Hell freezes over. Finland wins the football World Cup

My son Jesse cools off after sauna: -18 C or -1 F
After the taking of this pic he rolled around in the snow…

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