XMLRPC WordPress via mobile post draft

As testing the mobile Voice to text feature on the blog it was saver to change posting via mobile to draft .

Some simple changes have to be done on a WordPress file

edit In class-wp-xmlrpc-server.php, find in your root/WP_INCLUDES  directory.  Change the post status in following line  as you wish to publish.

Default is Instant publish.

$post_status = ($publish) ? ‘publish’ : ‘draft’;            MODE INSTANT PUBLISH

$post_status = ($publish) ? ‘draft’ : ‘publish’;            MODE DRAFT POST


To enable xmlrpc remote posting it must be enabled in the admin section under

Setings -> writing

Keep in mind these is a WordPress core file on the next update it could need a reedit.

Auto generate posts via XMLRPC take a look at these code snipd  interesting for event post for example. or posting foursquare check in into your blog  for location based posts.

Register a extra User for XMLRPC post for security reason

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