No-Gos for Facebook & Twitter Clients

Many Twitter Applikations offer that you post your Facebook status  from the same client  you tweet  but there is a big disadvantage to the standard wall post from the web.

FB give your post a value depends on the type of post Video Photo Text or App post. The Facebook algorithm choose how long your friends can see our post on there wall. The wall timeline is not sort by time its sorted by weight, it depends how many friends have interacted with your content. If now one see it no interaction will happen. The Posts with the minimum wights are App posts. Even if it is your personal Text posting from Desktop clients like TweetDeck or Sessmic Desktop will reduce your visibility for your friends, as its still a APP for Facebook. If you have no other option as you would like to post scheduled updates its just fine but if you can choose tray to post from the web or even better from your mobile Phone. Mobile Phone post have the highest post weight in the sense of the Fb algorithm. You can proof it by yourself by posting different content from different FB clients. You remember the old days when your wall was cluterd with Apps post .

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