What is the Facebook Algorithmus ?

The Facebook Algorithmus is the fromula that stays behind your wall feed . Facebook filter your Top News and also your Most Recent News on your wall. The formula behind that also called The Facebook Algorithmus . As you probably already seen your friends post  don't sort by time than more on relevance chosen by Facebook.  Different Post and interaction result differently on Friends wall some stay for over a day other disappear after a hour .

Facebook Top News Filter 

A) Facebook weight post differently in following order :

  1. Relation ship change … is married
  2. Mobile Uploads
  3. Profile Photo Uploads 
  4. Emotional ❤ Symbols  Post !
  5. Video links
  6. Photo links  
  7. Text Status Update
  8. App Post
  9. Taged @Friends Text  Post 
  10. Profile information Hometown change
  11. Page update 

B) Counting your Friends comments and Like is second weight factor.

C) Your Visits on a Friends profile or Page result that the stream will be shown to you. Your Interaction with a Friend Profile helps him to show up in your wall stream. You can interact once per visit or multiple times per visit same effect less clicks . Lets say you like at once 10 picture of your friend will hold him in your daily stream even when you have a lot of friends and he don't update that much.

D) Mutual Friends 

Resume Post with Apps like Twitter Hotsweet or Tweetdeck will not show up as well as "normal Posts" even if they have a lot of likes comments , Pages disappear fully from your stream if you don't interact or visit them by your own.

Open for Calculation Event wall Post , Likes versus Comments ,SEO Pagerank of the shard link,



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