Twitter Noise Removal

For some with a huge follower base 10k 100k and more the noise level on Twitter can rise dramatically up if you dont take care. Adding follower is a easy step reducing noise avoiding spam in your timeline is a bit triky . Here i want to share some Tipps to get back to real tweets even with a huge follower base of several tausend follower .

Some People think with a big follower base you cant be authentic reader of there tweets. You can if you filter out un personal auto spam tweets. Even if some have some kind of information its still a canned tweet. Since i dont like fast food or canned pork.

The base idea to use the Tweets Filter is that I need real time instant and personal tweets that make a tweet special and is the essence of Twitter in relation to other Social Networks. Twitter is also a great marketing tool but some over use the features offered by different Twitter Services.

Just before i start services mentioned here are gorgus tools i also use and recommend for online marketing campaigns but it depends on what YOU want to read and to prevent 24/7 marketing tweets in your timeline with automated tweets where no person sits live behind who can instantly respond. No fear of many follower anymore

Here my personal Filters i chose to block any Free Marketing tweet on Tweetdeck .

Go to Tweetdeck Settings GLOBAL FILTER 

From sources :, socialoomph,, foursq, dlvr, buffer, twitterfeed, networkblogs,,, triberr, IFTTT

There is no unic Filter list for everybody  its could be very different depends on your social crowd you conected and what they use. Some may also Filter Hootsweete or Pinterest.

Additional TweetDeck can filter in every singel column more Words but also sources Clients.

What will be filtered out ? schedule autopost from payed and mostly free marketing tools. Foursquere updates Iam here … , RSS auto feeds , automated posts that only wast time and ego .. All that services promote in first case there service more than your Tweet.

That should help to reduce Spam follower Broadcaster and some more misery tweets in you timeline.

You can simply extend the Blocklist by taking a look at the source of the tweet the Twitter webclient hides that information but in the footer of Tweetdeck Tweets you will see the Tweet client used for the tweet. With backlink to the service if you dont know it That way the handmade tweets like from Mobiles Web client and custom tweets get more weight and visibility in your stream – more work to write -> more visibility and reaction. 

Its not all gone as i suggest on other post you can stil use additional clients and the Standard Twitter Client to read all your tweets without limitation.  



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