How to post & share Videos for facebook

To integrate Video in your post on the metaprime blogs you should follow following steps to get best engagement from social  friends. The blog and all sister blogs are optimized for media sharing and specially video for Facebook it will work for mobile and desktop viewer. Ok lets start

  1. Click the film-thumb icon in the Editor Menu on the far right a menu will popup with several fields . important are only 2 fields the video source and the thumbnail . You enter for example a Youtube url after clicking the next field the thumb url will be added automatically . Pleas enter only http url not https youtube links example url :
  2. Add a custom meta field to your post  named ‘video’ this will be the video that embeds into Facebook if you like you show a different video on the social timeline than in the post . For example the social video share could be just a 10 second preview and the full video can be viewed on the webpage
  3. We support Facebook embed on the blog . That works quite similar like the youtube embed with the difference that the video is shareable on Facebook . Add the Facebook video post url in the custom WordPress meta field box like ‘video ‘     wordpress should autosuggest the video field
  4. When you save the post thumbnail will be automatically extracted from the post if you use a video it will show the video preview thumbnail as a preview on the right side of the editor.
  5. What Video Media Platforms are supported ?  Right now the blog allow to share youtube videos ,Facebook videos , Insta Videos , Vine videos and imag url Gifs .

What else i can do with Video posts ?

  1. Get Real Time Google Analytics for video  views from inside the post Timeline. See instantly where your video get delivered and take action accordingly
  2. Add your Realtime Twitter Newsfeed in the video update as often you like the Newsticker Text can be a link to your preferred landing place.
  3. Add you Channel Watermark to the video
  4. Your Video blogpost will show up in the video search on Google.
  5. Choose custom one of the custom video header themes for your post

What is the difference sharing video and media from this webpage to sharing it as link from the source ?

As some expert know links are not that well integrated for embed on Facebook from all Platforms . One example youtube shares get very week attention on Face or instagram videos will even don’t play inside FB  . People don’t like to left the platform just to view a video .

Why not just upload video on Facebook as many suggest ? 

For several reasons : You lose control of your shared video after upload , you cant edit or change it add links or new ticker updates.  Many times the content is not yours with uploading you violate copyrights . Embedding is fair use and most platforms allow and support that. The creator have full control of his video.

What happen if mobile user try to view the Metaplayer ?

FB only support to embed Flash into there timeline right know . If a mobile device is detected the video preview player thumb will redirect to the webpage and fall back to html5 player mode

How these works ?

The webpage use a custom player to embed media and video content and play it in Facebook it works like as Author App .

Still on the  toodolist are the Twitter Media Player Cards they allow to integrate video into the Twitter feed . One day a WordPress Plugin to make it wider usable for other blogs .

These post is mostly dedicated to the glorious Guest Blogger and will be continued soon 🙂


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