How hidding Facebook Friends and why it don’t work at all

You can hide friends simple in the privacy settings with the Relationships settings choose a who can see or not see it by name or Friends list you have done.

But thats is only a nice privacy illusion, it don’t work at all its only hides your friend profile picture and name on your profile. Every simple App can read your friends. But not only Apps also every one of your friends can connect to your privat friends if they want .

Its just 2 clicks away prove it. Look at suggested friends “People you may know” on the right side –See all Facebook offer on the left bar, by Hometown , Curent location ,Secondary School, Mutual Friends, College and University and employer.

The week part is Mutual friend any of your friends can enter your name and get shown all of your Friends you are connected and even he can refine his search by employe or Hometown. So why  hiding friends ?

If you find this hint useful like or tweet it . If more are interested in Friends Privacy i will post a more detailed Blogpost.

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