How to find Pinterest RSS feeds

As there is no offical APi for Pinterest the simplest way to get hands on your Pin is via RSS feed . You can import and embed to your WordPress Blog Fanpage or  Twitter.

The Board example is from the Social Media Menu board. To stay updated on the most popular pins you can add the Popular Rss feed.  Limitation to 20 pins per board and feed so if you have 10 boards 200 images is quite nice.

My Pinterest name is metacowboy just change with yours.


Your Pinterest RSS feed



RSS Feed


There is even more fetch most Popular Pins from Pinterest

Most popular Pins


For my case its useful to feed my Fanpages Tabs and Visual Apps with the most simple visual bookmarking tool. Finding Rss feeds for boards and People is public so you can read any feed you like.

In general the Pinterest feed just serve a thumb version of the Pin . Additional Image sizes are available if you change the last letter of the image link with  _c.jpg  .

_b.jpg  is the standard preview thumb

_t.jpg  is the smales squer image

For parsing RSS feeds you can use Yahoo Pipes a great tool to filter RSS feeds without coding.

APi endpoint : only mobiles are allowed to use it

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