Facebook Subscribe Fail

Just a little note about the new Facebook Subscribe function . First of all its nice to have a option to read some celeb people with the subscribe function the down side of the coin its not even similar to Google Plus Circled Friends. As you Subscribe in Facebook and your stream can get noisy very fast , removing a subscribed person is a pain. Only one person per click and page load . So if you whant to remove 10 people it need 10 page refresh. For suscribe it needet just 1 minutes for unsubscribe calculate 10 times more time .

Just to be warned you should take care of your news feed and friends no one want to spend time for just removing subscribers. By the way similar complicate its to remove a Fanpage ones liked . You have to visit every singel page that your want to remove and click the little link down on the left side to remove it.

Hopefully Face will add some tools to control noisy Fanpage and Subscriber by the User.

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