Facebook Fanpage trackback to WordPress

Proof of concept : many blogger complain than when you get visitor and trafik from Facebook you never know where it comes from. Usually when a WordPress blog include a link to one of your article you get a notification and trackback that some one linking to your blog post . How we can make trackback  work for Facebook Fanpages too ? We want to recommend a friend blog to our community on Facebook .People can chose to comment on  Blog or stay inside the Fanpage  post. How it works technically  ? Since Facebook dont send trackbacks we have to use our WordPress blog as a GateKeeper. We post a Link with a small excerpt of the post and share it to our fanpage . Now we cloak that post that it will reroute to the original blogpost we want to share . To prevent a loop we have to use  some special marker in titel and url. That post will redirect to the Fanpage via or more line in the htacces. There is a WP Plugin too for that “FacebookFanpage: And Some Post Titel ” for example The Titel should be identical like the original post to not confuse . We have tree cases 1.Visitior is comming from a Fanpage link : Redirect to original Blog post 2.Visitor is coming form a Trackback link : Blog He is not from Facebook User redirect to the fanpage we posted the link. there is a custom field in the blogpost . 3. Search Engine visit  : nothing happen just the excerp and link is shown All that works much smother than it sounds as it use the regular functions and plugins to post to Facebook like the official Facebook Plugin for WordPress. Some simple Plugin would make all the backend work for the Blog user.   What is a Trackpack

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