Dreamwaver CS5 freeze on start up -solved

After a second time got in truble with Adobe Dreamwaver CS5 on Apple MAC as it dont start up and freeze during the loading without any Error. The problem okour after eddtiting a file with a second html editor while Dreamwaver CS5 was still open. Dreamwaver get messed up with the file permission and cache files and wont load the last Site just worked with.

Mostly use Dreamwaver to edit and extend some WordPress Plugins and Theme Files.
By renaming my last edited site Dreamwaver started as usual .To find the bootle neck why Dreamwaver fail to boot here several reasons that could help you too if you got simliar problems.

If you have a local copy of your WordPress Instalation be carefull what you copy to your local drive. Many Plugins like SEO ,Cache Plugins and Security Plugins make huge backups of your SQL  Page cache and more copy of  files to speed up your hosted WP .In you local root folder  directory there is no need for that files. The Cache get unnecessary huge for files WP auto generate and you will never edit . It couse Dreamwaver to cache that files too and make it extremely lagy or even fail to load or crash .

In my case  Wordpress Plugin wp-security build a backup file of the SQL database these one get cached and  crash Dreamwaver during rebuilding the cache. The named like bck-12-24-2011-3467fe784a4567f.sql  . Take a look at the size of your local folders you will find very fast the big folders with huge backups files that are not needed for Dreamwaver . Once DW build a malicious cache  it will not start anymore even if you remove tha files that crash DW.

Dellet the DW Cache file or better the hole configuration folder like recommended by Adobe your site configuration are save as they stored on a other place. DW rebuild the Cache and Configuration files within the next start.

Adobe Dreamwaver Configuration Cache location for Mac OS

Mac OS X: Macintosh HD:Users:<username>:Library:Application Support:Adobe:Dreamweaver CS: us_US :Configuration


Resolve DW Boot Errors

Boot fail for File permission problem

Just login with a second profile to your Mac and start Dreamwaver if it starts it will be a good chance that its the file permission or personal configuration folder that get messed up.

Draemwaver freez when rebuilding the Cache

Move the Local dir to a save place and copy past every single subfolder back into place ,restart DW on every move to circle the problem folder.

Dreamwaver crashed by WordPress Plugins

To find  the problem copy the wordpress Plugin folder to a other location and copy back    plugin after plugin to the orginal place and restart DW. Dont forget to delet the Adobe from   your local where DW crash


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