API Endpoints for Twitter Facebook Graph Youtube and other social network Datas

Some official and unofficial Endpoints only intereting for App Developers. Some smal overview and reference if you want to build some kind of mashup. Discoverd by different user or from the public dev info of the related page. Probably not that clean formated as it should i use it as a fast reference when building something instead of googling same stuff all time again and again.  Thes post is a growing post and far behind to be complete or nice formated if you have a suggestion would be happy to extend. That post grow in a short time quite nice it will come the time to clutter the chapters a bit and clean format  . Still i find most reffernces faster here than on goolge or the Ref. Page. Will add more examples to help to start your own project faster. by the way you can use the google search box of the right top of the blog most junky code notes are a bit hidden, not to distract non code lovers.

Twitter API

 One of the most powerfull APi many usefull services build around twitter as it offers {offerd } simple acess to the tweets via RSS and Api endpoints . Finally there last decision was to reduce API request what will kill most of the services. Here some RSS feed end points so you can build your own Tool  backup service for your tweets.  



 Tweet  URL Counter  

Count How often your Domain url get REtweeted ? 


example :http://urls.api.twitter.com/1/urls/count.json?url=http://www.orf.at

Json Return : {“count”:940,”url”:”http:\/\/www.orf.at\/”}


Twitter Follower/ Friends all Data  :


Trends Weekly :https://api.twitter.com/1/trends/weekly.json

Trends Daily : https://api.twitter.com/1/trends/daily.json

Twitter List RSS feed

Twitter is changing a lot so if you want to fetsch RSS of one of your Twitter lists the RSS format is probably what you need. The Rss feed can be obtained by api calls to following url.

Example the socialmediainfo list. Further you can go and filter it with yahoo pipes.




in json : http://api.twitter.com/1/metacowboy/lists/socialmediainfo/statuses.json

Twitter User Lists 



 Twitter User Memberships in Lists 


Return 20 last user and list names where User get listed API 1.1 Support paging with the tag next_cursor. 

<next_cursor: 1412318736215095000>

Ref. API Memerships

These values are Interesting as it gives a nice feedback how other see your tweets and is a strong indicator for quality tweets. Since it also return the lister details follow fav ect  it could be a key metric for the lister activity on twitter for that topic Interest and related user.

Old format : https://api.twitter.com/1/lists/memberships.format


Twitter List Members 


Shows the last 20 updates from list by user

 Twitter User Timeline RSS 


will work until 03/ 2013  API 1.1 update close down RSS feeds . Same with Tweet anywhere will shut down. No replacement planed ! 

Twitter Mentions RSS

20 Last Mention on Twitter with that stream you can store your mentions over time or build a Tag cloud for your most engaged Tweet Friends . By adding to a offline RSS Reader or importing into WordPress


 WP function associate original Author to the tweet inside WP that way you get a rich overview how many Tweets /posts by your Tweet roots get published and honor them with specials or favorite them in your Blogrolle. As every User in WP needs a email we give the user a symbolic email like UserName@metacowboy . But the standard request returns only about 10 last result we want more with the rpp= parameter we get 100 resent mentions for @metacowboy



Tweet Counter by Url 

Unofficial Tweet count -json respons 





Twitter GEO Data Status

Twitter deliver rich geo feed data with a tweet that is geolocated here a Place  sample from one tweet , GeoRSS formatted.  @maboa

<place xmlns:georss=”http://www.georss.org/georss”>
<full_name>Florenz, Florenz</full_name>
43.7259588 11.1496504 43.7259588 11.339984 43.8354579 11.339984 43.8354579 11.1496504
<country code=”IT”>Italien</country>

GEO ID Feed : http://api.twitter.com/1/geo/id/521b6f591c4b3ce8.json 


Get Twitter  User ID  :  

The Twitter Stream by User ID 


Find the Twitter User ID 


The user ID is displayed right at the beginning


Twitter Trends Realtime 

by Day


https://api.twitter.com/1/trends/1.json         / WOID json

For custom trends you can work with Twitter source Api find it here obama trends …



 Twitter Reverse Geo Code 

To map geocode ot a tweet twitter offer a revers gecode engine no Oauth Rate limited


Json :   > US      


Twitter Trends by Geo location :

Trendsmap is a Google Map tool that show for every location the Trend . But how we can build a WordPress widget ir feed that would show us local City Twitter trends ? 


Trends by Longtiude /Latitude 

GET trends/available Returns the locations that Twitter has trending topic +WOEID 

The long Lat parameter only give a sort option

San Francisco


Vienna Austria 



ref methodes : https://dev.twitter.com//Twitter-Search-API-Method:-trends-current

 http://api.twitter.com/1/trends/44418.json  / London Trending  WOEID =44418

Twitter will return error about vienna trend 545801 WOEID 


WOEID of some Austria Citys


Find you City location WOEID

GEOPlanet : Woeid Search app  ( we should implement that funktion) 

 YQL console  for Developer : http://developer.yahoo.com/yql/console/    

type: select * from geo.places where text=”Vienna, AT”  JSOn/XML output 


Simple Tweet Links

Add to Favorite 

Need the tweet ID in the url (tweet time) 


Replay Link :


RT Link:


Tweet comment :

https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=Some Text that will stay in the box&url=http://Blog.metaprime.at/TheURLIntheTweetbox&via=Metacowboy&original_referer=http://blog.metaprime.at/REFFERER.html

Twitter Link by ID will stay all time the same even if you change the name



 Important for multi box respond with Tweet@anywhere

 Twitter List API get Names 

To get twitter list names for your API as most people will not remember the names of the list and details in json simple request . Used in the Twitter list Cloud.

Supported format: xml, json


Full Reference on google code 


EXTRACT Twitter Names Mention and or Retweets 

How to use it – If you want to keep track who is Retweeting and mention you you can backup in you WordPress as hidden post and build a Tag cloud of your most engaged user.  

Regex  : 

Yahoo Pipe Mention :http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?_id=b6d2711c24a79a1f305b1d8b90726795 

Doc : Tweet Anywhere 


Otter API

Top 100 Timeline sorted  JSON responds  Realtime live data

Format : http://otter.topsy.com/top.json?thresh=top100

Popular last week on domain orf.at

Query : http://otter.topsy.com/search.json?q=site:orf.at&window=w

TimeParameter:  : d : day(24h)  w: week  m: month 

also posible d7  for last 7days ect   window=a for all time 


 doc : Otter Appi Topsy 


SharedCount.com API

Shares summary Facebook ,Twitter, Stumble, Regedit , and many more .sharedcount.com that engine we use here on the Blog under the Heart by each post to resolve social shares per post . 


That way we can hide the slow social Plugins and there Javascript until they get fully loaded and still give some guide for the visitor what others find interesting to share like pin plus or send to LinkedIN.


Return Json:


 API Doc: Sharedcount 

Facebook Graph API

Facebook graph api tutorials 

Likes shares , Public Analytics  ,FQL Examples on the Facebook graph api explorer





Publish Like Comment via Facebook Graph 

You can only show Likes on a

(subLevel object Likes or comments not on a MainLevel like a Fanpage)

Show / Post Likes Comments by post  need 

access_token=... POST
Facebook Authentication update  (3.okt.2012)

The offline acces will be seperated 

Authentication Mobile Ref


Access Token 

most actions need a Access token there are about 4 different token depends where you whant to take the Graph action. For testing and exploring theGraph Explorer generate tokens where you can set the permissions for your Apps. All examples here you can test in the Graph explorer to get a feeling what could be possible for your app.

  • generic access_token 

  • user access_token 

  •  app access_token 

  • page access_token 


Get Facebook Share for a Url 

Depends if your domain is regiterd as App have an apid in the meta tags example below for broadcaster domain  is without and will return share data only 



  "http://www.orf.at": {
    "id": "http://www.orf.at", 
    "shares": 9036

For App Domains more detailed like the NEW LIKES 2nd example but only the app data



  "http://blog.metaprime.at/faq/what-is-facebook-maximum-photo-pixel-size/": {
    "name": "What is Facebook maximum photo pixel size ?", 
    "is_published": true, 
    "description": "Images and Photos are the most interacted content not only on Facebook on every social Media platfrom. One reason to take a close look how to optimize shared photo content for good exposure.  Photo Al", 
    "about": "Images and Photos are the most interacted content not only on Facebook on every social Media platfrom. One reason to take a close look how to optimize shared photo content for good exposure.  Photo Al", 
    "can_post": true, 
    "app_id": 100649359978711, 
    "new_like_count": 1, 
    "promotion_ineligible_reason": "kError_BoostedPost_GenericError", 
    "category": "Video", 
    "id": "370999472941973", 
    "link": "https://www.facebook.com/pages/What-is-Facebook-maximum-photo-pixel-size-/370999472941973", 
    "likes": 4


Facebook Comments Graph

Fanpage comments are public and acces with out key on the user wall comments need a Access Token.

https://graph.facebook.com/POST_ID/comments     /?access_token==XXXXXXXXX

 for User post 

https://graph.facebook.com/POST_ID/likes              /?access_token==XXXXXXXXX 


Fanpage Shared your Post Naked (unboxed )

No Graph data served by FB only visible for loged in User only public shares depends on privacy settings. Sort by relevant User

Facebook Comment





Comment Like as Page on own Fanpages.(tested via graph explorer) How to Like as Page via Facebook Graph Like as Fanpage WebObject virtual Fanpage could be interesting for  relation building with related pages.Every Object can Like every Object in Facebook ? Should Remote Like comment via APP for timezone reach and Interaction in stream. Like unlike should be optional to repeat story on different time.


Get Facebook Likes Shares and Talking About

Facebook Fanpage :



Likes on a Webpage


The old rest method still working and accurate 



All Facebook Page User Likes for WP

We request in these example additional Fields Like and Talking about to import them into the bookmarking system of WordPress . That way we get as often we request fresh stats activity data of our liked pages. Same import feed we could use to build a unfiltered stream outside of Facebook for your Blog visitor or as Tabed iframe page for a Fanpage.


WordPress have differnt option to import and export OPML Bookmark Links with the OMPL Import Plugin, usefull to update   links on the Blog or import Facebook Graph data . The WP Meta field for rating make sense fo accosiate with the Likes or talking about of the linked fanpage . ALL import is some commercial plugin to import XML data to WP.




FQL Data request for Like Share

Request FQL database for Likes Share_count from link blog.metaprime . FQL is the Facebook database Api. If you want to show some social friends data on your blog. FQL can run very slow if you request huge data amounts.

https://api.facebook.com/method/fql.query?query=select like_count, total_count, share_count, click_count from link_stat where url=”http://blog.metaprime.at/faq/what-is-facebook-maximum-photo-pixel-size/”

With these method you can request multiple URLs at once to just seperate them with a “,” for example if you have a WP Plugin best Post and request the 20 most read Posts to generate a total sum out of the Likes. Other method could be if you use numeric url  like blog.metaprime.at/?p=123  just count true your blog posts and add the resulting value somewhere in your WP Database SQL. To reduce load time it would be a good idea to save singel post likes in a custom metafield WP. 

all querys you can test by yourself most need a access token FQL Facebook Explorer


Get all Facebook Friends birthday 

Get all birthdays these month 11 sort by date 

SELECT uid, name,pic_square, birthday_date FROM user
WHERE (substr(birthday_date, 0, 2) = “10”) AND uid IN
(SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me()) order by birthday_date


 Get all Facebook Group Members 

Get all Group Members from Group Austria where iam Admin. That could take some time if group is bigger.  

SELECT uid, name, pic_square FROM user WHERE uid = me() OR uid IN (select uid from group_member where gid = 2204390290) order by name

Quite accurate it returns all Members missing about 300 from 4000 probably non existent or terminated accounts. In opposite to page member request where you only get max 500 Members /Fans. Recognize the power of Group? As long your Group is not over 5000 all Event functions are in work. Chat up to 500 Members.  Facebook is testing Groups for Pages on there Facebook Tips Page .


Get all music of Facebook Friends

That could be helpful to suggest connected friends Playlist for the Metaplayer of play a sound on the App Webpage that fits the visitor Interests ( with Facebook connect) 

SELECT uid, name, pic_square,music FROM user WHERE uid = me()
OR uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me()) order by music DESC

 Some User dont add music to there profile so we sort them at the end with DESC. Same Request for Movie what about to add some localisation near you or your country city ? So you know who to invite for your next movie release or book presentation.


Get our friends by location City and order by movies

SELECT uid, name, pic_squarecurrent_location,movies FROM user WHERE uid in (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me()) AND ‘Vienna’ in current_location order by movies DESC




Nearly the same request we get movies from friends who are located in Austria 

SELECT uid, name, pic_square,movies,current_location FROM user WHERE uid = me() and “Austria” in current_location
OR uid IN (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me()) order by current_location DESC


Get mutual Friends

SELECT uid,name,mutual_friend_count FROM user WHERE uid IN( SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1=me())

Json ret:  “mutual_friend_count”: 190


 Get Friends who Like one of your Fanpage 


We can ask for one Fanpage or multiple request at once by separating FanpageID. Quite a Interesting Query as you see which friends are on your supportive roots and who is not. 


FQL Get Your Friends Lists  (try that

SELECT flid, owner, name FROM friendlist WHERE owner=me()

FQL Get members of a single List 

SELECT uid,username,profile_url,first_name,last_name,pic_square FROM user WHERE uid IN (SELECT uid FROM friendlist_member WHERE flid =1234567890112121314)

flid : is the ID of the Friendlist not the name


Get all  Facebook Female/ Male Friends Single 

SELECT name, sex ,relationship_status, FROM user WHERE uid IN
(SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me()) AND sex = “female” AND relationship_status=”single” LIMIT 20

Just change the sex field with “male” or “female” would be interesting to limit that to city or country too. tested in the Graph explorer 

Filter Friends  by gender and Location 

SELECT uid,name ,sex ,relationship_status FROM user WHERE uid in (SELECT uid2 FROM friend WHERE uid1 = me()) AND ‘Austria’ in current_location AND sex = “female”

 tested in Graph Explorer


Ref more

Since it take some time for the request it make sense to store the result temporary in your SQL or as a Json file on your server. To reduce load on both sides.

 More Useful FQL examples output in the Facebook Graph Explorer 

With random ideas how it could be useful 

List Friends

Show Friends Friend Count  one 

How many Friends have my Friends sort by friends count

Mutual Friend and App User Connected sort my mutual +App

List Friends that have the current Application installed

View Friend’s Relationship Status

View Friend’s Birthday (sorted by month)  | 

My Likes | import Fanpage likes as bookmark to your Blog 

Friends Likes

Friends Liked Links where ‘youtube’ in URL  | Broken Friends who like one of your posts

Friends Liked Links who have the current Application installed | Friends connected to Blog

My Newsfeed

View a specific Friend Stream

View the Stream of Friends

View the Stream of Friends who have the current Application installed

View all properties from my Stream

View my Stream published by an Application

List Most liked Web comments by Likes

List Friend’s Action links

List Events for a specific User

List Friend’s Events

Select my Pages | Get all your Fanpages RSS Stream  

List Events from my Pages | Show FB Events on your Blog 

List Events from my Friend’s Pages | Sumarise Partner Page Events into one

Search Events given term | Build a Local Calendar for your area 

Search Places in given area | Get Places for Recommendation and Checkins


FQL REF and example PHP scripts


The old Rest Api Methode


Keep in mind the Url have to be exact the same as on your blog even ending slashes. 

 Full unfiltered TimeLine Feed 

As Edgrank fitleres your most relevant friends and pages that old link will show mostly unfiltered a real time feed of your liked Fanpages and friends . could need page refresh .


Publish a Like via Open Graph 

Needs a access token and url 


Facebook Like Appi Reference 
Facebook Like Button Migration can read Here

Upload Image with Facebook Graph 

facebook graph api upload photoInstead of posting a link to the Facebook wall with a smal thumb preview we can post Upload the full image and add Caption Text Tags and Links . Same like the Instagram Style and get more attention on post. Up must have permission to post that should work for your Blog or webpage.To Upload to a Fanpage change the 
/me with the Uid of your Page
/                       to post to album  
Format : tested in the Facebook Graph Explorer 
Add Access Token outside the Graph explorer
If we add that to the Facebook Plugin we get the same style upload publisher like Instagram !

Facebook Image Upload without publish

 If you don’t want post a feed when you upload a photo via Graph API set following parameter: no_story=1


ID or Fanpage, User Name 




Return : 

   "id": "360686647276544",
   "name": "Armin Wolf",
   "picture": "http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/162059_360686647276544_1372066315_s.jpg",
   "link": "https://www.facebook.com/arminwolf.journalist",
   "likes": 44751,
   "cover": {
      "cover_id": 446675758677632,
      "source": "http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/s720x720/556890_446675758677632_905427155_n.jpg",
      "offset_y": 32
   "category": "Journalist",
   "is_published": true,
   "website": "http://about.me/arminwolf",
   "username": "arminwolf.journalist",
   "about": "Moderator ZiB2 | 22h00 ORF2+3sat | Die meisten Postings hier kommen via Twitter. Schaffe es zeitlich leider nicht, die Kommentare hier zu beantworten. Wenn Sie mit mir in Kontakt treten wollen, dann jederzeit auf www.twitter.com/arminwolf",
   "bio": "Kurzbiografie auf orf.at: http://kundendienst.orf.at/programm/orfstars/wolf.html \nAusf\u00fchrliche Biografie auf orf.at: \nhttp://tv.orf.at/groups/information/pool/zib2_mod/story\nNiavarani-Fragebogen auf relevant.at: \nhttp://relevant.at/niavarani/53817/armin-wolf-ich-jung-brauchte-geld.story",
   "birthday": "08/19/1966",
   "personal_info": "Das ist keine ORF-Seite. Die Meinungen in meinen Postings sind meine. Es w\u00e4re sch\u00f6n, wenn Ihre Kommentare niemanden verletzen und gegen kein Gesetz versto\u00dfen. Im schlimmsten Fall m\u00fcsste ich Kommentare auch l\u00f6schen, ich w\u00fcrde mich aber freuen, wenn das nicht n\u00f6tig wird... \nTitelbild: Dieter Bornemann",
   "talking_about_count": 8312

Publish  Video via OpenGraph  

Dont forget for Flash and video posts all urls have to be URlencoded 

https://graph.facebook.com/userID/feed?access_token=XXXXXXXXXXXXX&source= &picture=&link=

optional you can upload video to facebook to if you dont need your branding or custom stats.


Facebook Birthday and gender via OpenGraph API

As Birthdays are one of the most personal thing on FB and its quite simple to build a Birthday App . Your App would need extended permission to view friends_birthday

Birthday of Friends :


tested via Facebook explorer

used by B-BirdDay 


Message Friend via Facebook Graph 

Post a Massage with Facebook application will result in a public Wall Post 


Privat Massage to Friend

Send Message DIALOG via Url 


The Field Name for the message is not aktive anymore ! against Facebook FAQ .Needs extended permissions interesting for Alice Project the redirect url must be owned by the APP sending message.

Button (“Send” or “Cancel”), the browser will redirect to defined URL


First we need a page_access_tokens that request can be done with a personal Acces token we make all calls in the Facebook graph explorer. What we want to schedule posts via the API as the standard interface is quite slow.


return json valid access token for the page with the ID(numeric) of the page

  “access_token”: “ABCDEFGHIJKLAMOPQRS123456778”,
  “id”: “12345678”


Start with the Page Insights , 





Facebook Group 

Publish Event via Graph 


Join Group {need review dev}


Fanpage API Ref


Facebook Event Graph 

The Events List on FB is one of the most under rated Graph objects as its very sinple to invite for every member to a event and most of the time event datas are keept public by the admin . Its the freshest interaction data of user on facebook. Additional the burthdays is one of the most personal Event independent from age or cultural region.  FB allow to export acces your calendar birthdays and Event Members .

Events can be created for mutliple couses even for virtual meetups or just causes as long they stay below the magic 5000 members . 5000 is maximum user data you will get from FB in one call. We can monitor Events that go viral by Graph ,we can congrat Friends birthday by Blog with a personal massage or by calendar Tagged Blogpost Facebook Connect. 



Event Going



Event Mybe Going

Probably they the unsure need one more reminder or motivation 


Event Invited 


Same graph scheme for /declined   /noreply


Facebook graph api events

Create Event with Graph :

 Event times are ISO-8601 formatted Date-only (‘2012-12-24’) or with time (‘2012-12-24T20:00:00-0700’)

 Facebook Place ID  location_id  to your array to assign an event to a  ID with map

 privacy_type : default event is OPEN public 


User Create Fanpage Event 


Create Group Event


We even can create / generate Events with a blogpost where User can sign in oposite to Like a post the massaging system for events works much better than Fanpages Edge rank limits  10% . Or we make a Interest list with Blog post Pages where user can sign up . The simplest way to stay in contact and update real fans of your webpage or event. 

ref Event graph

 Notification API (new) 

Since 2012 facebook return the possibility for apps to send a notification to there user what give a powerful tool back to App developer. FB monitors the Notification quite well for quality against spam Notifications . If the App get to much negative ratings it can lose the notification option. 

Read your Notification via Graph include read

http://graph.facebook.com/me/notifications?include_read=true &access_token=xxxxx


Send Notification Upate to App user 



FB.Ref: App Notifiacation


You can get nice Link stats from the Rest API with following shema direct by entering into the url . Analizieng a Youtube URL of a friend that got 1,2 Million views about 200k from Facebook that  links Stats: Jul 20, 2012 – 122,760 views






Facebook Comments naked


Facebook Coment Box Graph

To get the comment feed from Facebook Graph Page, 

example Json: 


 Fanpage Fanbox Naked (unboxed)

example Coca Cola 



Schema : 



Facebook Insights tech guide

Facebook Page Notification RSS

Format : 


User must be Admin usefull for WP Google Docs import to track most aktive Fans or to Monitor many Fanpages without browsing them all one after the other . In combination with a powerful free RSS reader like NetNewsWire you have a over view on hunderts of Fanpages in minutes. Probably only intersting for the Geek Facebook Guy or Social Media Managers.


Graph Facebook Search Data

Location based searches 


Search Hotels in Vienna geo location  


Get Acces token and test request with the Facebook Graph tool


 Facebook Graph disover OG Schemas 

How a App is setup show the  schema Graph 


http://ogp.me/ns/fb/ redirect to
Same for opengraph -replaced schema/og with schema/opengraph the reaturned Json show the structure the developer setup the app. Facebook Dev
For Pinterest
For Last FM
Source Tom Waddigton Blog
APP to get all RSS feeds of your friends http://fbrss.com/


Open Facebook Fanbox in a lightbox 

ex. coca cola you must use Fanpage ID 



Fanpage Fans 

To show your fans on a full page instead of a popup max 500 will be shown multiple request will return more results. sort by relation


Massage Fanpage 

Popup Box to contact page Admin



Facebook with Flash AS3 Crossdomain 

If we work with Flash Apps and need to featch Facebook Images Crossdomain.XML have to be loaded first . Following list of all crossdomains for Facebook image profiles 


Security.loadPolicyFile(“http://graph.facebook.com/crossdomain.xml”); Security.loadPolicyFile(“https://graph.facebook.com/crossdomain.xml”); Security.loadPolicyFile(“http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/crossdomain.xml”); Security.loadPolicyFile(“https://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/crossdomain.xml”); Security.loadPolicyFile(‘http://profile.cc.fbcdn.net/crossdomain.xml’); Security.loadPolicyFile(‘https://profile.cc.fbcdn.net/crossdomain.xml’); Security.loadPolicyFile(‘http://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/crossdomain.xml’); Security.loadPolicyFile(‘https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/crossdomain.xml’); Security.loadPolicyFile(‘http://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/crossdomain.xml’); Security.loadPolicyFile(‘https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/crossdomain.xml’); Security.allowDomain(“*”); Security.allowInsecureDomain(“*”);

See Facebook SDK Actionscript API on Google Code 


Facebook Graph undocumented  Music

stream og tags  see html code on spotify All trackalbum and artist pages got meta data in a yet undocumentedformats:

NEW Facebook Objects

The Og Tags will look like for a Recipe example aktion sepererated by “: ” the Action must be registered in the App that connects the  Webpage.

Tools:Spotify Object debugger

Moving Objects

Canonical Ulr can not be changed but ! Description of a Image and link in the Description can be changed afterwards even a Object Tag Location or remote Object can be added . We call these PostViral action after a post get spread,  

Ref. FB Objects : https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/objects/


Fanpage Likes  browse Fanned Pages – Connections



Facebook undocumented 

We want a simple rutine to know is user Friend or user , as cant find a graph query for that some alternative methode using the chat interface 


It will return a Json with some details and the part with 

“type”:”user”   or  “type”:”friend” depends on your connection additional gender info .Gender is numerated  

"gender":1 male 
"gender":2 female
"gender":11 fanpage



Subscribtion can be done  to a variation of Object all subscribe object are 2nd level Object

Subscribe to Person

Subscribe to Massage

Subscribe to Question 

Scheduled Publish Fanpage Post

All stream Object have the new scheduled_publish_time parameter in unix time. The Time when the post go public from 10min to 6 month in the future. The Scheduling function can used also for Twitter scheduling if Fanpage is connected with Twitter. Since the setup of the date takes too much time we will do that programmatically by increasing the publish Time. Fanpage dont have to own fans just as a schedule tool like Buffer.   


Import Fanpage Comments Only 

For Awards or specials on Fan Engagment its quit interesting to know what Fans talk about your Page How and how often beside the Facebook Insights data.

needs some more research. 



Pinterest RSS Feeds API

 Where are Pinterest RSS Feeds ?






Pinterest Boards RSS:  


Pinterest User Pins RSS : 



Pinterest API APi v1.0



The general Pinterest RSS feed will only deliver the thumb ulr in the feed if you need the full image size for embed or anything else simply change the ending of the image file with a parser.

All thumbs in the feed end with      _b.jpg       

bigger Pinterest Images                  _c.jpg       

Square tiny Pinterest Images         _t_jpg      

On the Same Server with same url 

Pinterest Api3.0 up to 20 images json



Pinterest API 2.0 is shut down and no official release date till now . Is needed for official publishing via api on the Platform. There is still a unofficial way via the mobile api endpoint. On gitHub is some code to experiment.


Yahoo Pipe to extract Images all Images in the feed link to the pinterest media server with thumb resolution. 

Pinterest RSS Yahoo Pipe 

Useful to feed the Metaplayer or build any Iframe App for Facebook the Feed limit of 20 can simple be extendet see the Flickr RSS pipe


Facebook Update Status with Pinterest and your Blog 

Use one of the WordPress RSS import Plugins + Facebook auto-publish Plugins.  No need for 3thd party apps. Additional you get a nice back link to your blog.

If you dont have a blog you still can use services like IFFT or other RSS  apps personaly i love the CSS of IFFT some landmark for future css usability here.


Instagram Feeds

Just shortly get pointed form a friend who love instagram that it is one more very aktive mobile photo share platfrom with many tagged images most of them Tagged and with Geo RSS in the image .  The standard RSS feed dont return any geo data . 


 Change VIENNA with the Tag you want a feed  the feed contain a thumb image 150x 150 and a full image size about 600px . XML .1.0 version

User feed:


that way you can build a RSS importer to your WordPress Blog with full image size posts gallerys or Pinabel Facebook shares that lead and link back to your your blog webpage. 


Istagram Image Search feed for a Hashtag

Simplest use via RSS works perfect for the Facebook Metaplayer as crossdomain is on allow! 


To recive geo targeted Photos you can use the API endpoint and a acces key 


Adding Latitude and Longitude data for your location . Additional parameter could be distance and client_id as numbers of images you want.




As we have the geolocation now its quite simple to drop them on to a Google MAP .

Instagram Mashups :


Instagram APP  Developer REF




 Youtube API  RSS

For a Youtube Feed enter 


retrun by publish date from gdata.youtube.com/feeds/base/video

What we can use it add to og:meta  video and pic a random tag video if no video is present.



 Youtube Feed  API

Youtube APi Demo RSS make you custom feed . For some smal countrys the APi will return no data like Austria .

Media RSS

General Media RSS for you youtube  video  Uploads the RSS Feed forward to the related gdata Feed Youtube Api.  



Youtube single Playlist :



Search Video by Keyword : Return a MEdia RSS feed for the keyword


Multiple Keyowrds posible by Space seperation 


Recent Featured :




 Read the full specs for MEdia RSS : http://video.search.yahoo.com/mrss



Exaple media RSS feed

Yahoo Top videos


 BLimpTV : http://blip.tv/scenic-radio/rss


 Youtbe API BETA Demo 


Your recent Published RSS feed 



Most recent : http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/standardfeeds/most_recent

Most viewd : http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/standardfeeds/most_viewed

Most discussed : http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/standardfeeds/most_discussed

 Top Favorites : http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/standardfeeds/top_favorites

Most Linked : http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/standardfeeds/most_linked




Example by cauntry -most popular ,sport , 10 results ,

timewindow :today – week ,  


One result for shared metaplayer for example 



All User youtube feeds :

 Get the Playlist ID from the Playlist LINK   …. tube.com/view_play_list?p=224D6A1AA7ADE446


Where are the youtube playlist on new design ? 



Youtube Playlist RSS:

The old feed is not working anymor the playlist must be publick


use these instead acording toStackoverflow



remove the PL from the playlist ID




 Dont play in jw-player 

YouTube API  Categories Feeds and Taggs

Feed only the Sience & technology feed , tagged video can be Boolean 

separator NOT (-) and OR (|) operators


example with Cat & Tagg ,return all videos Tagged with social media 


Youtube Playlist Wizard 

To make it simpler youtube offer a wizard form where you can enter all your parameters you need to setup the right feed url . If you read till here you will have no problem to set the parameter as needt. 

NOTE for Longail JW Player would need a XML Playlist instead of what Gdata Api deliver you can convert and output your playlist on the wizard as Json Atom or RSS2. 

Youtube Playlist Wizard 


Youtube API Uploads :






Geolocation Tags :  Longitude/Latitude

48.16608428955078 16.3916015625


Longtail Setupwizard to test your feed 



Parameter : seperator first with ? all others  by & in the url  

Max Results :  max-results=25

language :  lr=de

Location by cordiantes : location=48.17,16.35see GEO RSS tool to get cordinates  long/lat

output format : alt=rss      / default atom    or Json

more at Develop ref Api 2.0 

Supported API Feed 


Video player Crossdomain policy if you run into Crossdomain errors try to change the


to http://gadata… 

Dont formet for your flash player all feed urls have to be url encoded like the ? = – ect .

One Example used for the Cooliris community video Player auto search for related videos + taggs

flashvars="feed=http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos?q=<?=$metasearch." ".$metakey1." ".$metakey2." ".$metakey3." ".$metakey4." ".$metakey5?>


Google Trend API 

Feed endpoints one of the most usefull endpoints for journalist 


http://www.google.com/trends/hottrends   html output

http://www.google.at/trends/hottrends/atom/hourly feed

Google Alert Feed : http://www.google.com/alerts /or email 

 Google Suggest : Outputs XML with search volume restricted to language region


Change your search words in the url parameter q= and Hl= for language you want to search 


Google Custom Search API

The Simple way is the iframe version with the creator you can acces the Tool here 


For some more Funktions and customisation and Reference overview for the Custom Search APi You will need a  Eindeutige ID der Suchmaschine and  key for API Access EndPOINT : https://www.googleapis.com/customsearch/v1?

Needet Parameter

Key: ApiKey

cx:   Your Search Engin key

alt:  Json     output format  

num:           number of results

start:           paging where to start 

q:                question search string


 For testing you code you can try google code playground with a custom search example

Developer Reference: 

Error Code: 

Error 403 : message: “Access Not Configured” What means ? 

Erro 400   :message: “Required parameter:  ”   missing


Google Hosted JQuery Liberys  


Google Spreadsheet

To show data from the Google Spreadsheet and you dont whant to embed you can use the json data to show them as you like .

How we get the public Spreadsheet RSS feed ?

Test sheet :


Austria Blogger Google Spreadsheet 


Standard Google Spreadsheet link would look like that with key. 

Mode the url last part of the url : 







Google Trends API

Probably one of the most intersting Data you can get . But the there is now public Trends APi from google. Several Developer wait for it but some resources that can help to get Trends will listed here  .

Atom Feed to Google Trends Hourly 

  Google Trends Git Hub Repo for Developer ( Phython based) 

    by suryasev CA “Trends API that works through parsing the csv file”

Atom Feed as Json parsed by Google Feed Api 

Last but not least a good resource for any Goole feed RSS request

JSON Developer’s Guide for the Google Feed API

There is a lot of phantasy from many viewpoints what you can do with that feed at least a hot potato for SEO fans. The downside all Trends show only US result with a little Trick you can get the data needed for local trend not for all cauntrys but for many . No Trends for Austria Germany 

Google UK – http://www.google.co.uk/trends

Google Japan – http://www.google.co.jp/trends

Google India – http://www.google.co.in/trends

Google China – http://www.google.cn/trends


Url for the standard web url Google China – http://www.google.cn/trends

Google Plus API Library Downloads


Google Maps API

With the Google Maps APi you can show static Maps without any JAvascript on your Page.Limitation 1000 call per user If you develop you can easy hit that point. To engage your page wiht more geo location the map feature is a nice add on for your visitor. The Static Maps API is quite simple to integrate and light wight.

Formats all typical map and Earth views available .

Center :Location data can be added as Place “Vienna,AT” or long lang Geo cordinates Sensor true or False . Sensor is important for mobile Web apps to forward user geolocation. 

Zoom : Zoom factor how close you to zoom to location good starting point is 14 for city area destrict view 

size : Image size to get 

Image Format jpg ,png ,png32,gif

Jpeg format is loading progeressif getting sharper when loading if you need full quality for print or media they offer jpeg-baseline too.

IMg URl Format




  • roadmap 
  • satellite
  • terrain 
  • hybrid


Option to render the Map in various styles and colors

Adding markers to you map 



 Ref: Google Maps API Static Map German


Foursquere API Feeds

With simple checkins we can generate location based content for any webpage or blog. The RSS Feeds and APi endpoints are well documented and we get beside the venue ID GEO:RSS data of the Location to show them on a MAP or add them to the post metadata to index geolocated .

Some example out of the documentation 


All Request with oauth token 

One Location Info : 





POST and Checkin Posible

Ref: Foursquere API  & Links 

users leaderboard
venues add
venuegroups add
timeseries addvenue
checkins add
likes addcomment
tips add
lists add followers
updates notifications   marknotificationsread
photos add    
settings all   set
specials add
configuration flag
campaigns add
timeseries delete
events categories
pages search timeseries
pageupdates add


Musik APIs

Jamendo API 

One of the most Sexy Musik Apps out in the net is Jamendo for me personal they have a great resource of wounderfull Artist and many Creative Common Licensed musik . 

Here some reffernces from there example APi Calls . Jamedno is quite important but not so well known like other musik Platfroms. Since there update they are quite a lot of changes these post should build a smal overview .  


How to Find my Music Playlist on jamendo ?

 In your profile there all playlist are listed with link and ID (right click )

How to get Get them in the default XSPF playlist format ? 

Parse the new p12345 ? XSPF return the most data in one xml tree

 Main Return Formats : XML, JSON, Plaintext, M3U, XSPF , jsonpretty 

Jamendo Playlist 

Playlist IDs are marked with a “p” infront of the ID 

Playlist URL : http://www.jamendo.com/de/list/p114029/angel

Album Url : http://www.jamendo.com/en/list/a113066/horizon


Api call constructed similar to the new Facebook graph following parts most optional.

APi endpoint: http://api.jamendo.com/..

Data Fields : ../id+name+url/..

Requested Content : ../playlist/..    

Data format :     …/plain/..     ( data formats XML ,/jsonpretty,XSPF,Json, M3u ,plain..) 

User Name ,Relation :  ../name?idstr=metacowboy/.. 

number of results : …?n=50..

data order :   ..&order=ratingtotal_desc..


Jamendo User Playlist Example:


 Parameter in the first part separated  by [/] are get data , after the [?] [&] are put data like in these example we want ID name and url of the playlist in format jsonpretty  50 songs ordered by ratting total from user metacowboy. The order of the fields dosent matter it get parsed only the first get data part will return the same order you requested the data fields.


Get Playlists with ID Name Duration 10000 result and length of a song



Get Most Popular Playlist 



Get all Stared Albums of User



What field names can we ask for a jamendo user ?

ID  , name, Image , url, album , playlist , duration , cani=c (license comercial) 

Sort order for song data [&o=] or [&order=]: 

order=ratingtotal_desc     o=release_date_desc  order=random random_asc

more in the API wiki 




XSPF Playlist call

XSPF dont accept characters in the ID. The File  jamendo-playlist.xspf return the old playlist format . The Playlist ID can have 2 digits up to 6 dont be irritated. 



Typical XML respond 

Jamendo playlist



Examples Appi calls from jamendo

Get all the albums of the artist named “both”


Get the name of the album with ID 116


Get the album that contains the track with ID 2000


Get all the tracks from the album with ID 33


Get them in the default playlist format


Get the tracks with IDS 2000 and 2001 in the XSPF playlist format


Get the 47 latest albums with the tags ‘rock’ and ‘pop’


Get some informations about the albums with ID 116 and 33, in JSON


Get a list of all the jamendo album IDs


Get the RSS feed of the latest albums you can use commercially


Get a RSS feed of the latest torrent links in Ogg Vorbis


Get the cover of the album 116


GET a list of all Albums with Tag “ROCK”


GET a list of all Tags of the album 33


todo, more examples.


Google Jamendo Developer Group




localinfo : http://where.yahooapis.com

 Yahoo Developer Geoplanet :




 Bit Ly data API

since thy have one of the most complete datas about shared links a must more soon .

Ref: Developer http://dev.bitly.com/data_apis.html#v3_link_social


More Intersting stuff

RSSSearch Engine

Crazy.net Japan   Youtube 3d party Apps Gallery 

RSS Serives Mail Chimp ,Tweetfeed , Trendsmap ,Tweetwall trend

Dev Tools : Yahoo Pipe, Google Spreadsheet ,


Privat APIs

What the Trend 



LinkedIN Rss Feed : Frist turn on Linkedin Update Feed in the backend http://www.linkedin.com/rss/nus?key=abcdef

Forusquere Feeds : RSS.ICAL,KML ,GCAL  : https://foursquare.com/feeds/

DropBox RSS:  https://www.dropbox.com/123/456/789/events.xml

InstaPaper RSS : http://www.instapaper.com/rss/123/456

Instagram :  http://instagr.am/tags/<tag>/feed/recent.rss


What is WOEID : The Yahoo! Where On Earth ID of the location to return trending information for. Global information is available by using 1 as the WOEID.


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