Facebook Video post by API WP Plugin

Just a Tech Note :Some strange limitations get roled when posting video content via API to a Fanpage wall. some Css reduce the size to max =100px high the Player button will render in the left corner instead in the thumb center. 

.fbTimelineUnit .fbMainStreamAttachment .uiVideoThumb img {
max-height: 100px;
.uiVideoThumb img {
display: inline-block;
max-height: 130px;
max-width: 130px;
Video size by APi will reduced to (need to test that how youtube api render inside FB) 
element.style {
width: 398px;
height: 224px;

 Shares by Url or Facebook Send can render up to max 398x398px 

To allow the Facebook plugin to publish rech content too your Fanpage wall you have to add a missing parameter to the fb-social-publisher.php Facebook Plugin file. Posts a published WordPress post to a Facebook Page’s Timeline add to the $attachment = around line 180 ‘source’ => ‘https://www.my_domain.com/app/metaplayer.swf’, Finaly all attachment atributes can be extended so they look like

if ($post_thumbnail_url == null) {
$args = array('access_token' => $fan_page_info[0][3],
'from' => $fan_page_info[0][2],
'link' => apply_filters( 'rel_canonical', get_permalink()),
'name' => get_the_title(),
'caption' => apply_filters( 'the_excerpt', get_the_excerpt() ),
'description' => apply_filters( 'the_excerpt', get_the_excerpt() ),
'message' => $fan_page_message,
'source' => 'https://www.my_domain.com/app/metaplayer.swf',

Need that for the video Birthday page on the blog “Birdys Happy-B-Day”