WordPress Snippets

Viele WordPress funktionen können einfach mit wenigen Zeilen hinzugefügt werden dazu muss nicht immer ein..

Flexible way to display a geochart

made my day Embedded Link Flexible way to display a geochart? – Google Groups Susanna Murley, 10.05.13 06:33...

Google  Backpacking Burj Khalifa in 3 days

Google Street Capture View  in 828 meters burj al arab hope they gona build a new tennis place . burj..

Tweet board

Imagine you could tweet like your made music on a launchpad Just tested some hardware for..

Larry geht einkaufen #stumfilm  

Larry geht einkaufen #stumfilm   View post on Google+

MetaTweet Updates

Update Logs 26.05.2013    Simple Guide in Menu feed by Blog 15.04.2013  Tweetbox for Active Tweets HTML5..

Metatweet Guide

MetaTweet Guide Show your Best 300 Connection on Twitter  by active  Follower Listed Mention (Favorites) Start Connect with Twitter to..

Google+ Comments for WordPress

Google Plus just released Google+ Comments for Blogger now its time to integrate that into..