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Einige meiner Bekanntesten Österreich aus der Twitter Scene. Hier spielt kein ranking noch Einfluss Faktor eine rolle. Dieses Persönliche Board wird gelegentlich aktualisiert. Die Profile Fotos lassen sich einfach umsortieren sind aber nicht mit den Profilen verlinkt. Dies war die erste Grund Idee storyboard  um visuel eine einfache Übersicht über einige Österreichische Twitter Freunde zu haben.
Österreichs meist diskutiert Twitter Themen laut google annon austria , anonymous austria, bank..

Doodle 150th birthday of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt

Cant miss that doodle one of my favorite and just around the corner repainting it was a nice idea . The Kiss just if you missed it . would give a nice Screen background too
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To celebrate the 150th birthday of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, doodler Jennifer Hom painted an homage to Klimt's..

Wehre is Austria Vienna or Wien ?

Wehre is Austria Vienna or Wien ?
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A lot of people still confuse Austria and Australia, I hope that makes it clear.

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Austria to lose #AAA. Bottom falls out of kangaroo & sheep markets.

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Sorry Kangaroo Bail-out

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<a href=" to lose #AAA. Bottom falls out of kangaroo & sheep markets. class=”twitter-share-button” data-count=”horizontal” data-via=”Metacowboy”>Tweet

I bet AUSTRIA can reach 1 million fans before GERMANY

Can the 10 times smaler Austria reach one million fans before the 80 million country Germany .Thats the topic for a edutainment page on Facebook that grow extremely fast viral .45000 members all over the globe joined to help or see how austria would perform on these unfair bet. But for now the impossible looks very true Austria leads with 10 times more fans . A virtual Olympic user game for Austrians Germans and every buddy how like these 2 countries

Austria Cowboys ride wilder

About the myth that Austria don’t have Cowboys
There is a little Country some where in Europe between the mountains ,north of Italy south of Germany called Austria .Very hard to find i know i had also my problems on a standard map.And you can believe it or not there are also some Cowboys living..