Great Interview Beware of Sozial Media Experts

Raa Raa Industries Gary on a  Tech Crunch interview when he said, “99% of social media experts are clowns."
Love the style of storytelling quite raw but on the point , had planed for long time to setup that kind of Interview with some SM People in my area .Robert Scoble have quite a different style, but that kind of interview i..

Israel Secret Documents leaked Cyber War  

"IDF officer, according to which Israel will open a cyber attack shut up infrastructure, and then launch hundreds of cruise missiles from submarines in the Persian Gulf to the miners." 
Richard Silverstein, an American journalist and blogger on Israeli affairs, says he has been given a leaked document which outlines a plan for an Israeli attack..

Die Krise die Beste Zeit für Startups

Sympathisches Interview mit Skype Legende und  Gründer Morten Lund 
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Lund: Krise ist beste Zeit für Start-Ups

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Russian Art Photographer

Thats why i love to circle Russian even if i cant read one line. Art and Photography dont need any words different photo culture show me a other world and ar most inspiring. Telling Storys fascinate and keeps in mind much longer than just a beautiful photo. Enjoy
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The photographs in..

Fabouls Google+ Story of a Underwater Photo camera geting back to his owner

Fabouls Google+ Story of a Underwater Photo camera geting back to his owner
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The photographs, having spent 440 days on the ocean floor, have been reunited with the photographer and the family. I am very happy to have facilitated the journey back to where the photographs belong! I certainly didn't anticipate..

India Buying Iran’s Oil In Gold – Dollar Drops –

China and Russia Considering Same Deals*
India has agreed to pay the price of crude oil it imports from Iran in gold, which makes it the first country to drop the US dollar for purchasing the Iranian oil.India and China import about 40% of Iran's total exports . (EU 20% )China Considering Same Deal like India..

Dreaming Elephants

One of the first persons i searched on Google Plus finally touched g+ He inspired me for most of the travels to Asia and Afrika and get my interest on most advanced internet technology many years ago. Just shortly talked with Herbert Nitsch how +Gregory Colbert work when shooting the whales.
The youtube video is just..

BBC entwickelt Iphone App für TV Journalisten

Die BBC entwickelt eine Iphone App  für das Iphone / iPad welches ermöglicht seinen Reportern Video und  Audio Reportagen und Standbilder direct ins BBC Studio System zu senden. Die Software wird für das Iphone Handy  aus einer bestehenden Applikation von der BBC  angepasst und soll in rund einem Monat einsatz bereit sein. Der Sender konzentriert sich Als Teil einer..