Fanpage Invite All People who Like your Posts

How to Invite all People who Like the Post to your Page  Facebook rolled out some new feature to invite People who liked one of your post but are not fan of your Fan Page. These great feature to connect with people who already liked your Fanpage content but missed to Like the Fanpage can..

Social Video Livestream

Video App Root update of one of our social video stream apps Social Livestream was orginaly created to show and play Livestream Videos inside Facebook. First for our own need.  Since google+ offerd Hangouts that are  much simpler way to start video streams the main source changed from Livestream to  Youtube Live. 
The Idea behind a..

Arnold Schwarzenegger Hangout  Arnie packt aus

Wer es verpasst hat Schwarzenegger ist Google+ beigetreten für die promotion zu seinem neuen Buch Total Recall Spannender Hangout für diesen Freitag noch ist der Account recht Übersichtlich gute Chancen seine Fragen beantwortet zu bekommen oder sogar Gast im Hangout zu sein.
 (video)Arnold ist für mich immer wieder eine Erinnung was für Große Leute in Österreich geboren..

The little SEO Wekend Story 

Or why Afganistan could be important for your Goggle search engin ranking. First of all take it as a story its some years old but still fun and never written down anywhere .
One day i got a bit bored about my professional blog and i read some artikels how expensive high ranked Keywords are and how much people..

31 New Facebook Chat Emoticons facebook smiley codes neu

Just shortly Facebook allowed new animated  smilys by using Facebook chat codes, the Facebook Emoticons List 2013 for Facebook Chat here the full selection. Why are Emtoticons important beside the fakt that they are funny and cute for many people they optimise your Edgerank with persons you chat with smilies. 
Update : Facebook release awesome new Chat emoticon now also for the..

How to engage your community to get your Dreamjob

Very smart example even a Linkedin link can get a very high attention But most important be nice to your follow circles and they will do mostly all they can to support you. My best wihes to +Becky Taylor and here new Job soon
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Edit: I removed the previous edit I made… because when I wrote..

21 Terrific rules about Googling Google+ 1

Never talk about Facebook  
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What I’ve Learned about Google and Googling
I’ve been googling long enough that I felt the desire to share my experience.  So here’s what I’ve learned – so far…
1. The G+ community is comprised of kind, generous people who are willing to drop everything and help a newbie..

New Google+ for Android is out

the long Awaited Android update
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New Google+ for Android: polish and performance
We continue to work toward a simpler, more beautiful Google, and today we're accelerating these efforts with a new Google+ app for Android phones. The update includes lots of highly-requested features—like the ability to start a hangout on the go, and..

Wunderbare fast schon philosophische phrase von zur neuen Timeline

Wunderbare fast schon philosophische phrase von zur neuen Timeline
Cross' Nachricht an Entwickler: "Wenn ihr auf Facebook entwickelt habt und aufgehört habt, gebt ihm eine neue Chance. Die heutige Plattform ist ganz anders und besser als die Plattform noch vor 6, 12 oder 18 Monaten. Und wenn ihr bereits auf Facebook entwickelt, dann..

Dreamwaver CS5 freeze on start up -solved

After a second time got in truble with Adobe Dreamwaver CS5 on Apple MAC as it dont start up and freeze during the loading without any Error. The problem okour after eddtiting a file with a second html editor while Dreamwaver CS5 was still open. Dreamwaver get messed up with the file permission and cache..