Doodle 150th birthday of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt

Cant miss that doodle one of my favorite and just around the corner repainting it was a nice idea . The Kiss just if you missed it . would give a nice Screen background too
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To celebrate the 150th birthday of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, doodler Jennifer Hom painted an homage to Klimt's..

How to get into Facebook Page Recommendations Box

Some interesting facebook feature for Fan Pages the Recommendation box shows up and are running for some time. How you get promoted by Facebook as Related Pages and show up to get get more likes organically for your Fanpage. It’s probably the best and fastest way to grow without spending huge amount for Facebook Advertising..

Don't be afraid to fail

Digg deep , what makes you happyBreak the rulesthink outside the box or go to austrian alps yodeling 
#arnold Schwarzenegger  video #quote 

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Social Video Livestream

Video App Root update of one of our social video stream apps Social Livestream was orginaly created to show and play Livestream Videos inside Facebook. First for our own need.  Since google+ offerd Hangouts that are  much simpler way to start video streams the main source changed from Livestream to  Youtube Live. 
The Idea behind a..


Metaprime Blog  is a Austria  based blog dedicated to curating high quality content and social media tipps from around the web covering digital media news and culture, social media and technology. Founded on April 2009 , Its a kind of Lab for testing new tweaks and possibility  to integrate and communicate with other platforms so many rough notes and code snippets even..

3 KSFETCH popup turn off

How to stop the  KSFETCH popup 3 solutions
If you run  LITTLE SNITCH  and  GOOGLE CHROME or any google product you will have a problem with the KSFETCH ISSUES. The Popup apears several times a day dubble and can really hurt when you work. The Port chaning Service try to connect to check for updates.
What is KSFETCH: It is..

New Google Plus Business Page Cover Photo Size

Google+ just updated its design. We’re on the hunt for a new cover photo Pixels  some changed  Cover Photo options for you so now you can choose if you want to upload 4 images or one big cover banner . Probably most people dont want that there picture get recutet by the platform spezialy not if you use  Company banner..

7 rules for making more happiness

a Austrian in N.YStefan Sagmeister The Designer Filmmaker and Philosoph some say today's most important graphic designer
some work i like

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