TweetWasher the missing Twitter Function

This is a sort of a long time scheduled post about a Twitter app that does something very simple: delete spam inbox, probably should be a native Twitter function. Everybody know that the most valuable communication happens Privat in a Direct Message not public. But how to use Twitters Messaging function if the Inbox is full of..

Blog meta Influencer widget

About the Meta Influencer widget on this blog, it shows the recent Twitter sorted by influence about the Blog topic you posted. It should help to connect NOW to people who are online and interested or talking about your Theme you just wrote.Some call it Influencer Marketing we just use to reduce the time to search..

Trello Backstage Web developer

Connecting the Developer Trello Board with some Projects to the WordPress blog was a long wish to use Trello as a CMS and feed the blog dynamically without editing or writing a post for the projects. Some kind of preview or reminder that I should write soon. Next would be to feed a full HTML theme with..

Wie Optimieren Sie Ihren Blog für 100 Punkte mit Google PageSpeed ​

Nachdem der Speed der Webseite eine der Essentiellsten Faktoren ist für das hohe ranken bei der Google Suche möchte ich hier zusammenfassen wie man seine WordPress Seite auf 100 von 100 Punkten optimiert. Dazu sei gesagt das ich hier nicht von einem Spartanischen Blog ohne Bilder und ohne Plugins spreche sondern von eher von einem..

How to add Facebook Groups to Fanpages

Several Facebook Fanpages start can add Groups to their Fanpages. This is long time requested feature for many years now. Here I will try to describe how you could add Groups to your Pages now. Even if you are not in the very small Test Group.
First, let me describe why it’s a good..